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Welcome, one and all, to the Main Thread for this challenge!

This is where the magic happens - the thread where we'll all be posting our daily updates.

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Every day between December 6th and 19th, we are hoping to read your daily updates in this very thread right here!

Please use the following format when commenting (feel free to copy & paste!):

  • Landslag you worked on:
  • One thing you found easy:
  • One thing you found difficult:
  • (Optional): a video of you performing it!

Sample daily update:

  • Landslag you worked on: Landslag no. 1: dark sand dunes with some moss
  • One thing you found easy: The first bar was the hardest one for me to learn, although it looked easy enough on my first try.
  • One thing you found difficult: I liked that it was a single line; it allowed me to focus on every note and it was much easier to read than most pieces I play.

Feel free to make these updates as short or long as you wish!

Download the full score (click ‚Üď):

Gulli's Lessons for each individual Landslag:

Dedicated discussion threads for each Landslag:

(More dedicated threads will be created as we progress throughout the challenge)

‚Üď Let's do this! Post your daily updates below ‚Üď

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  • Hello! Today is the last day of the challenge and I got to number VI. What a beautiful and sad piece. I that the musicality came to me easy in this piece. The key at first made the first sight reading more difficult. I have been rehearsing the first 5. I will continue with the rest. They are beautiful, and this is me saying who normally runs away from contemporary music ...  Thank you so so much 

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  • I worked on Landslag 11

    very fun piece that reminds me a little of Fuoco by Dyens (another piece I love to play)

    the easy, campanella scales make it easier to let notes ring over each other thus helping with legato playing


    the harder, the tempo being so quick forces you to mave your hands between shifts very precisely and clean, otherwise it doesn't sound right


    I hope to be able to record more of these tomorrow and upload them

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  • I've been working on no 4 again today - trying to get the right hand working smoothly.


    Also got round to attempting a recording of no 3 (which took some doing - a different mistake on each attempt!) and no 5. Just recorded on my phone so the sound quality isn't the best


    No 5: https://youtu.be/sCz6xWUT55g


    No 3: https://youtu.be/Dt_gLdqiKSU

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  • Had a look at 10 and 11 today to be in time for tomorrow, but haven't had a whole lot of time for them, and I don't think I'll have time to record them either. ūüôĀWe'll see.


    Easy: I didn't find finding the positions of the harmonics difficult, and generally playing it, there was a lot of information to help - the positions, the strings, the tab...

    Hard: Squinting to read the score (and especially counting the ledger lines). The score is a bit on the small side.

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    • I should add that it was easy to find the positions because the harmonics were mostly near each other and there was no jumping from different harmonics on different strings, and some patterns repeated, so once I got used to it, it became fairly straightforward.

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  • Landslag 11:

    Easy: Left hand and right hand - nothing really too complicated in terms of chord shapes or RH patterns and what the hand actually needs to do.

    Hard: Just getting my hands to do exactly what the score says consistently at the right time and speed... I just end up losing it.

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  • Last day


    Landslag I worked on: No 10


    Thing I found easy: It was good in one way that the tab was there although in another I don't particular like scores with tabs as I find I tend to look at that rather than the actual score.


    Thing I found hard: On the whole it was fairly easy enough (probably thanks to the tab!) but just a couple of position changes which need more practice to keep the timing precise and one stretch with 7th fret and 12th fret harmonics.

    The other hard thing was trying to find sufficient time to get it to a reasonable standard and record it! Looking forward to the watch party.

  • Week two update: as in week one, I had limited practice time. In the end, I didn't manage (or even try) to make any recordings. But I did, over the course of the two weeks, spend some time working on each of the eleven pieces. A few (1-3) I can now play reasonably well, others (4-6) are 'nearly' there but still need a little polishing. Three (7-8) I think are within reach, but still need a lot of work. One (10) I looked at but didn't spend much time with - it doesn't seem too difficult, but I would need to have it memorized to execute the harmonics properly. The final piece (11) I worked on in bits and pieces. At slow tempos, it seems manageable, but at 'concert' tempo it is certainly out of my reach.


    So what did I get out of the challenge? Foremost, it's been interesting (and enjoyable) to be part of this small community. I feel as though I'm making some new friends! And it's been great having feedback form Mircea and Martin, not to mention their amazing video performances of the pieces! (And congratulations to Mircea for actually completing the challenge - somebody, draw that man a cake!) It's also prompted me to learn a little bit of contemporary music, something I rarely do. I've gained an appreciation of minimalism - I used to more or less dismiss the whole genre, thinking 'it's just doing the same simple thing over and over'. But as I discovered in numbers 7, 8 and 11 - not so simple at all!


    I would say the community challenge has turned out to be a great success - I for one look forward to the next one, although I rather hope future challenges will be just a little less challenging! See you all at the party!

    • David well said David. I agree it's been a great success, although I do like a lot of minimalistic music! It's good to have something like this for solo guitar.


      I too am looking forward to the next one.

  • I had mostly worked on numbers 1-4. After the watch party I took some time and looked ahead and spent some time with numbers 8 and 10. I love the harmonic work in number 10.  And the video session on polyrhythms for number 8 was most helpful. I think it is the first time I can actually feel a polyrhythm. It would be very helpful to have  a similar video session on other polyrhythem combinations. There are examples using a metronome, but working through the examples with Gulli was the best! Thank you for a great challenge. There are not many opportunities to feel we actually accomplish something in only two weeks.

    • Martha Kreipke Hi Martha glad to hear I'm not the only one still working on them. I too worked on the early ones - 1 to 5 but not too much on number 4, and also worked on numbers 8 and 10.  Hope to get them working well enough to get a half decent recording

  • I know the challenge is officially over but I am finally ready to post my first video. 

    Landslag I

    I took a risk and made slight change at the end. I hope that Gulli will not be offended. 


    I just acquired a MV88+ microphone to attach to my iPhone. This is my first recording with it.




    Martha Kreipke


    (We need to get more female musicians posting on this thread!)

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  • Yes, I'm still working on them too. I'm going to work up the ones which I feel the strongest connection too first - probably 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10. That should keep me busy for a while!

  • Hello everyone,


    I know I am late but I was busy last weeks learning another piece, but I couldn't resist joining you playing this beautiful piece.


    It is very wonderful to see such an amazing classical guitar community doing social activities together.


    • Landslag I worked on: Landslag no. 1: dark sand dunes with some moss
    • One thing you found easy: The time I have preparing and think of the next transitions made it easier for me, especially with left hand.
    • One thing you found difficult: I can say that I am a beginner guitarist, I found the right hand to be challenging sometimes as we are using different strings compensations with different fingers and we need to keep the tone quality beautiful. But this is a very nice study to practice that.


    Here is my video


    I will work more on the piece until I feel satisfied then try to increase the tempo slowly.


    Best wishes to all of you,


    Sultan from Saudi Arabia

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  • Just to complete my work on this challenge for now, here is my recording of Landslag II. 




    Martha Kreipke

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