WEEK ONE Updates: Main Thread - Where the magic happens!

Hello and welcome to the WEEK ONE Main Thread for this challenge! 😍

Since Week 1 is over, this thread is now closed for update submissions

Feel free to continue replying to people's existing submissions, but if you would like to post an update, use the current Week 2 thread.

Alright my friends - this is the thread where we'll all be posting our daily updates.

Make sure you've read the rules before replying (<- click)


Twice a week between January 28th and February 19th, I hope to be reading your daily updates in this very thread right here!

Download the music:

Please use the following format when commenting (feel free to copy & paste!):

  • Etude you worked on:
  • One thing you found easy:
  • One thing you found difficult:
  • (Optional): a video of you performing it!

Sample daily update:

  • Etude you worked on: No. 1
  • One thing you found easy: The polyphony between bass and treble flowed very naturally, I had an easy time playing each line like it belonged to its own voice.
  • One thing you found difficult: I had a hard time creating enough variety throughout the repeated measures.

Feel free to make these updates as short or long as you wish!

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  • I had to make a few edits as this was a little longer piece.  

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      • Igornull
      • Igor.2
      • 3 yrs ago
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      David Chidsey Bautiful! Thank you.

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    • David Chidsey What a wonderful piece, and I'm in love with it👋👋👋

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    • David Chidsey your beautiful Guitar looks easy to play, congratulations to the luthier too👍

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    • Giuseppe Gasparini thank you! It’s actually a difficult guitar because it feels BIG and my fingers are on the shorter side (even for my size) but you just can’t deny those deep loud bass notes that’s the charm of the instruments made by Turkowiak

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      • Emmanull
      • Emma
      • 3 yrs ago
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      David Chidsey Well played, relaxed, and not anticipating. Good sound too! Bravo!!!

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    • MirceaTeam
    • Head of Guitar
    • Mircea
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Quick update, everyone:

    Based on the helpful thoughts of a number of users, I have decided to split this behemoth of a thread into smaller weekly update threads.

    Please post all future updates into the WEEK TWO thread (<- click).

    In two days, when Week 2 will be over, I'll make a separate thread for Week 3.

    In the meantime though, if you'd like to comment on anyone's playing in this thread, feel free to do so! It's only new updates that I'd like to see in the new thread.

    If you post a new update in this thread rather than in the new one by mistake, no worries! Just tag me and I'll move the post for you. I can do that without needing to duplicate your reply 😁

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