READ ME FIRST: Rules & FAQ for the Recording Course!

Welcome everyone to "Recording for Guitarists", our first course of the tonebase Academy! 🤩🎉🙌 Together we will untangle the mysteries of digital audio production! Coil your cables, point your mics: it's time to hit the record button! 🎚🎛🎧

5 Weeks - 5 Livestreams

Download the syllabus for the entire course HERE

Over the course of five weeks, we will explore all the steps from tracking your signal to editing a master take, from mixing your signal to syncing it to a video file. The idea is to deeply integrate the workshops in the forum, each lesson will have its dedicated thread and a workbook!


I. The First Steps (+ Workbook)

II. The Edit

III. All about Dynamics

IV. Critical listening

V. Audio & Video


How to get the most out of it

  1. Although not required, the workbooks give you a great introduction to what we will cover, so you will greatly benefit from working through the pdfs!
  2. Some lessons will give you different assignments. Share these with your fellow recording artists in the thread and let's talk and discuss them!
  3. I will post the answers to the questionnaires (which are at the end of each workbook) a couple of days after the individual live stream took place. If you have questions concerning the topic, ask them in the thread of the lesson!


  • Kickoff: 11th January, then each week on Monday at 11am PST.
  • In between: Work on your assignments and the questionnaire, post questions in the forum and discuss uploads by other users
  • On day before the next lesson: Answers to the questionnaires will be posted!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience in recording, but I am very interested, should I take part?

Yes! We designed the lessons to get you acquainted with all the tools necessary in order to get started in recording!


Do I need special equipment?

If you don't have a USB-Mic, a mobile recorder or a microphone with an audio interface, that's totally okay, you can get started in recording with your smartphone and a laptop, or even with a tablet. We will cover basic concepts of recording that apply for various technical levels - but, of course, we will be covering the use of microphones in conjunction with a computer as well. Editing our takes will require a DAW like Reaper, but the basic concepts of editing apply to any recording software as well.


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  • Thanks Martin, I would avoid Rode again as it seems to be a common issue that it suddenly stop recording. Probably not gonna spend more than 400 on a mic for now. Would another USB mic with Reaper or Garageband do the same as ZoomH4 if I'm not thinking of portability? thanks!

      • MartinTeam
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      • martin.3
      • 8 mths ago
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      don If you don't care for portability, I'd recommend getting a  Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 since it will be able to connect with any XLR mic you choose (not USB-mic though, but when you think long term, this will be a much more modular option!). Add 2 reasonably priced condenser mics like the Line Audio OM1 or CM4 and you are ready for some semi-professional stereo recordings! (I'll work on an audio-video-recording with the OM1 on today's workshop if you're interested how they sound!)

      • don
      • don.2
      • 8 mths ago
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      martin Thanks Martin! Would be great if you can do that. Unfortunately i'm not able to join the workshop live today due to the timezone but I'll definitely catch up tomorrow on the recording!

    • martin Hi Martin, while just reading this I have a question regarding mic(s). I have sent back my cheap USB Mic (Thomann...) (and therefore I am not recording at the moment, but my "Kizuna" in the thread of Session II/III was recorded by the USB mic) and now want to buy an XLR mic or better two of them for stereo... There is, for example, one Rode NT1A for approx. 149 Euro available (each), but now I am aware of your recommendation OM1 or CM4. Do you have a recommendation or comment on Rode NT1a vs. OM1 or CM4? By the way: it would be nice if the mic is also ablo to catch tenor sax sound...
      Thanks for your comment/suggestions.

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