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Mastering the art of subtle timing flexibility is crucial for delivering performances that are as expressive and speech-like as possible, captivating your audience's attention. Have you ever marveled at how the fluid manipulation of timing by your favorite performers adds depth and expressiveness to their music? If you aspire to imbue your musical expressions with similar vitality, or if you aim to perfect and evolve your ability to produce seamless legato, this course is tailored for you. We will introduce techniques designed to equip you with the skills necessary for integrating these practices into your own rehearsal routines with pieces beyond the scope of this course.

Course Highlights:

馃幎 Dynamic Timing Flexibility: Delve into the nuances of timing flexibility to achieve a more expressive and speech-like performance. Discover the secrets behind the captivating, ever-changing stretch of time that adds color and expression to music, drawing listeners into your sonic world.

馃敆 Legato Mastery: Explore the techniques to perfect your legato playing, ensuring seamless transitions and a fluid, singing quality in your music. This segment focuses on cultivating the ability to convey your musical ideas with the same vitality and expressiveness as your favorite performers.

馃洜 Technique Enhancement: Engage in specialized exercises designed to improve your timing flexibility and legato execution. These practices are crafted to help you integrate these skills into your personal practice routine, allowing for continual growth and refinement.

鉁夛笍 Customized Feedback: Benefit from personalized feedback tailored to your unique musical journey. This course offers the opportunity to receive direct guidance and strategies from an expert, enabling you to overcome challenges and achieve your musical goals.

馃 Collaborative Learning Community: Join a network of like-minded musicians and enthusiasts. This course fosters a nurturing environment for sharing insights, experiences, and encouragement, building a community of learners dedicated to musical excellence.

Enroll now and unlock the potential of your guitar playing like never before!


  • Sign-Up : NOW until March 17th
  • Course Period: March 18th until March 28th
  • Optional check-In via Zoom: March 23rd, 10 am PST


Assignments Week 1



  • Try to experiment with different tempos (bigger, smaller, etc.).
  • Always listen to yourself. If what you were playing was gradually becoming clear or audible, keep at it.
  • For exercises 4-7, it is important that you emphasize the melody and make the accompaniment quieter.
  • In exercises 6-7, you can use appoyando to bring out the melody.
  • Please send me videos of exercises 1, 2, and 3, and choose only one from 4-5 and one from 6-7.


Exercise one:

Exercise two:

Exercise three:

Exercise four:

Exercise five:

Exercise six:

Exercise seven:




Assignments Week Two

First exercise:

Second exercise:

Third exercise:

Fourth exercise:

Fifth exercise:




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  • Happy to see there鈥檚 such a lot of activity in these 2w intensive! 

    I finally post my first exercises. Sorry to be so late., but here are my attempts on accelerando-ritardando, and legato playing. Not yet the Carcassi and Sor studies. I was quite busy practicing Carcassi for the Carcassi challenge. And had to practice for my lessons (Barrios- also quite a challenge for rubato playing.)
    The practice for the second week is very useful, and pleasant as well. I hope to record my progress on the Tarrega piece tomorrow.

    • joosje hi joosje, 

      Thank you for the videos.

      Exercise 1

      I find all of your versions really very nice gradually. It doesn't seem difficult for you. You can experiment with different level of tempos.

      Look at your little finger of right hand while playing the acc. It became a bit more tensed. You start to lift it up when you are getting faster. In this short time it doesn't make any problem but if you would like to play this tempo longer and cannot relax it that could cause tension which could make the fast playing difficult. 

      Perfect execution thank you! 

    • joosje exercise 2,3

      Both are really very nice. You have excellent legato. I think these exercises were not challenging enough for you, it's again the problem of different levels of people who sign up for these courses. But I hope that you could still enjoyed to work on them a bit. 

      The musical formulation of your exercises was also beautiful.

      Great job thank you

  • Borb谩la, thank you so so much for those exercises and for your crystal clear explanation and examples of how to bring more life and clarity to our musical expression. The pieces you chose are great and the breaking down into different layers of musical thought and technical control, is so instructive!


    Here is my prelude. Thank you for your time and advice 馃檹 

    • joosje prelude

      Your version of this beautiful piece could become really beautiful in your hands. I am glad that you made the musical instructions really very nice and clear. Maybe only a very tiny detail which you could work on still, when you are lifting up your fingers on the bass strings before the shifting, you should pay attention as I said on the video that you are lifting up your finger vertical before you would move horizontal to avoid the string squeaks. But this is really a very tiny little issue which you can surely handle in the future if you work on it.

      Thank you perfect job!

      I wish you happy Easter! 

    • Borb谩la Seres great, I have an idea how to continue working with this. Thanks again for everything. You鈥檙e a great artist and an inspiring teacher! Can鈥檛  wait to see you back again at TB to guide us. 馃檹

      • Barney
      • Barney
      • 2 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      joosje martin Borb谩la Seres I agree with Joosje that we should invite Borbala back to Tonebase very soon.  She is a great player  and wonderful attentive teacher!

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