Landslag no. 2 - Littoral Mud in the Bottom of a Fjord

Hi everyone!

This is a place where you can talk about Landslag no. 2 - Littoral Mud in the Bottom of a Fjord.


Feel free to use this for comments about the music, your performance, technical or musical challenges, or anything else that relates to this piece in any way!

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Landslag 2 - lesson by Gulli Björnsson:

Gulli Björnsson teaches Landslag no. 2 on tonebase


There is no performance video available for this one, but check out the link above! In the lesson, Gulli gives a partial performance of this movement, going over the most important aspects of the work. Happy practicing!


Download the full score:

As we progress throughout the challenge, I will be opening other threads for other Landslög. Check the forum for all other discussion threads!

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  • Hi, 

    For me this piece really makes me think about how to get the best sound from my guitar in terms of tone production and note quality. The slower tempo really allow me to search for where the resonances are produced. Control of the right hand is important for balance but also adding the warmth of stroke to assist the guitars natural sound production.


    Again another nice piece for all the development fundamentals Gulli has mentioned and letting the mind build a picture to support the sound production. It can be quite a challenge sometimes not a play a chord as a 'chord' but as to produce a set of individual sounds just like a choir makes at the same time - each voice has its own character that blends with all the others.


    Kind Regards


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