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All right everyone, this is the concert hall intermission area - the office water cooler - the stairs outside the office building - the park in front of the skyscraper - the barbeque space:

Basically, this is the place for all discussion that doesn't fit in any of the other threads! Use this space to talk about anything you feel like talking about! 😁

Two things I wanted to talk about, actually:

  • I'm curious, do you know any of the other people taking part in this challenge?

And if so, how? From tonebase, from somewhere else on the internet, or perhaps through your work / circle of friends? Just curious about this!

  • Should we do nominations? It might be fun - hope we won't annoy our friends with this too much! 

Why not, actually? 😂 What's the worst that could happen?


I nominate Roni Glaser,  Marek Tabisz and Igor. I dare you to take part in this challenge, and nominate 2-3 people you know! I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

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  • I accept the nomination but do not know any of the participants personally. So I can only nominate Mircea  or Martin 😉

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      • MirceaTeam
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      • Mircea
      • 6 mths ago
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      Marek Tabisz Hahah perfect, Marek! 😂 What do you know, Martin and I have both accepted your nomination! I can therefore say, with confidence, that you have been a very successful nominator so far, my friend! 😄

  • Ah, hello just seen this, I humbly accept your nomination🙇‍♂️

    I don't know anyone here personally except Mircea , who I met at the Córdoba Guitar Festival, which is the city where I studied composition. I have often seen Marek and David   (not sure which David though) around on this community though. I don't know which David, so I'll not nominate two: David and David Chidsey , although there seem to be several more.

    • I'm curious - has anyone here been to Iceland? Do the landscapes sound like exactly like these pieces? I think they must do...  without ever having been there...
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    • Roni Glaser My son has been to Iceland for over 9 years, and my wife visit him twice. She thinks this music and landscapes fit together perfectly 😉

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    • Roni Glaser thank you! I REALLY REALLY want to visit Iceland. It’s a dream of mine. I’ve grown up admiring the Thorlakkson family through classical guitarist music and that sparked an intense interest in Icelandic culture for me. I studied abroad in Vienna Austria and got to visit many European locations but not yet Iceland. Some day!

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      • MartinTeam
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      • martin.3
      • 6 mths ago
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      Roni Glaser I lived together for 3 years with a guy from Iceland, sipping fish oil for breakfast and ... yeah, a lot of dried fish, that's what we sometimes had together, haha! I always intended to visit him but somehow this never became a reality, but definitely, DEFINITELY I will visit this country soon!

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  • Haha, gladly accepted the nomination, I hope you like Mircea's and my contributions so far! 🧙‍♂️

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