Landslag no. 1 - Dark Sand Dunes With Some Moss: Discussion Thread

Hi, friends! This is a place where you can talk about Landslag no. 1 - Dark Sand Dunes With Some Moss.


Feel free to use this for comments about the music, your performance, technical or musical challenges, or anything else that relates to this piece in any way!

This thread is not for daily updates - please post all your daily updates, about any Landslag you have been working on, in the daily updates thread here (<- click).

For a more general discussion thread for the entire challenge, go here (<- click).

Landslag 1 - lesson by Gulli Björnsson:

Gulli Bj√∂rnsson teaches Landslag no. 1 on tonebase


Landslag 1 - performance by Gulli Björnsson:


Download the full score:

As we progress throughout the challenge, I will be opening other threads for other Landsl√∂g.

Since we're all starting at Landslag 1, this is the first discussion thread in this forum.

I'll start us off: So, what do you think about this piece? 

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  • Just a quick note, this thread is just for discussion about Landslag 1, not for daily updates.

    All daily updates go into the dedicated thread (click the blue text below), so we can see everyone making progress over time.

    If you do post an update in here by mistake, no worries at all! I'll just move it into the daily updates thread! (Click the blue text to go there.) I can move individual replies.

  • Hi, I enjoyed playing this piece as it is nice to perform a gentler more emotional song. It gave me a feeling of imagining and enjoying some outside space and tranquility in these times of spending so much time indoors.  


    With the repetition of notes I often found myself adding some small dynamic and tonal variations across a bar (as I imagined wind and sea feel and sounds) but keeping inside the overall guidelines of the stated structure.  Thank you for sharing your compositions with us.


    Kind Regards,



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      Dennis Greensmith Hi Dennis! This is great - I had exactly the same feeling as you as I was practicing it. And well done on the small dynamic and tonal variations, that's exactly what I think the composer wanted use to do within this piece. I will pass your thank-you to him! I'm sure he will enjoy hearing about it in our watch party at the end of the challenge, on December 19th.

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