What Apps you're using to structure your practice?

Let me know what apps or other little helpers you are using to structure or improve your practice!

My collection includes:

I use this to scan and import all my scores and have them ready on my iPad. It significantly improved the health of my back 😉 But I also like to organize lists with pieces I am currently working on or materials for teaching. The possibility to have several layers of annotations is excellent to use individual layers for students or to have a blank page when it comes to making a new annotated score for a live stream! I use forScore together with a Bluetooth pageturner,  the "PageFlip Firefly".

An easy-to-use metronome is indispensable for everyday practice, and ProMetronome has been with me since my first smartphone days. I am sure there are alternatives with the same feature set, but I like the ease of use and the possibility to highlight specific beats in a bar. A great help was the ability to display polyrhythms visually, but you need the paid version for that (which I generally use for all my apps, I don't want to be blasted by ads when I am practicing).

Stay focused, be present. I use this as a practice timer. It shows you the number of sessions as little trees and is an excellent gamified way to have more focus sessions with your instrument!

What Apps or helpers do you use? Let me know!

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  • I feel this is a bit cringeworthy but I had some time on my hands (COVID, injuries et cetera) and I wrote an application to log practice sessions. Enter details of the pieces and when you work on it,  enter the details. It allows grouping and filtering so I can see pieces by composer period, tuning...

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  • Sounds good to me. Why "cringe worthy"?

    • Stephen Darrell Oliver 

      Setting up an SQL server (MSSQL Express) and using a custom grid to display related tables all to keep track of 9 pieces so far seems like overkill to me.

      I must admit it's been interesting with the pieces above my ability (CA and Tango En Skai).  I'll be modifying it to also total the time spent on each section and add hyperlinks to any recorded practice sessions.

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