Week 1: A Continent Full of Music! 🌴

Welcome to the Main Thread for the first week of the "Music from Latin America" challenge! 

What do you connect with Music from Latin America?

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  • I promised myself to post 2 submissions every week. I’m a bit behind schedule, so I’ll make it 2 today. 
    follow up on the 5 pieces from Venezuela in Vicente Sojo’s version and Alirio Diaz’ arrangement and fingering. I tried to follow the fingering, which is sometimes complicated, giving full credit to the separate voices.

    The keys of D major and d minor are often easy to play on guitar. This music looks and sounds light and not complicated, in melody and harmonies,  but somehow these arrangements are quite hard to play fluently. 
    I, for my part, really  have to work on them. Then there is the tempo. I feel it should be a little faster, but for now, this is about my limit.

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    • joosje Lovely, Joosje! That looks really difficult in the left hand, with the separate voices moving around so much. I like the tempo as you played it. You make the phrasing seem very clear despite the complexity of the polyphony.

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      joosje That sounds great, Joosje. That looks pretty challenging, there is a lot of counterpoint which always complicates things (often in a good way). I thought the tempo was good. 

      I just listened to your next piece, Cancion. I
      t is also beautifully played and the tempo works well there also.

      Great job on both (!).

    • joosje wow, thanks for the discovery... what a nice piece! the backing voice make it very challenging but so beautiful.

    • joosje that is so great! and such a lovely music, thank you for sharing, to me this is new, I never heard about it and I think you play it fluently, very impressing!

  • The third piece of the ‘suite’ from. Venezuela is Cancion. It’s s in minor, I tried a slower tempo, but that didn’t work. I’m not sure about this tempo. 

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    • joosje Another excellent performance! All the comments I gave to Aguinaldo above apply here as well.

    • joosje Very beautiful and a nice set of pieces.  I like the slow tempo.  You probably know this, but in case others do not, Vicente Emilio Sojo was the founder of the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra and was one of Antonio Lauro's teachers in composition.  Sojo along with Antonio Lauro, Raul Borges and Alirio Diaz are primarily responsible for introducing the world to Venezuelan music.  Today the leading guitarist, music director and musicologist continuing that tradition is the Venezuelan guitarist, Bartolome Diaz.

    • joosje wonderful playing!

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