If you could play any other instrument, what would it be and why?

As we immerse ourselves in the vast sea of melodies, harmonies, and intricate finger techniques that our beloved six strings offer, it's hard not to wonder about the other instruments that populate the rich landscape of classical music. Each instrument carries its own unique voice and expressive possibilities, much like a new language waiting to be spoken.

This week, we invite you to ponder a question that might reveal more about your musical curiosity and aspirations:

"If you could play any other instrument, what would it be and why?"

Perhaps you are enchanted by the deep, sonorous voice of the cello or intrigued by the bright sparkle of the harpsichord. Maybe the fluidity of the violin speaks to you, or the grandeur of the piano stirs something within your soul. Whatever it is, share with us:

  • The instrument you dream of playing.
  • Your reasons – Is it the sound, the history, the repertoire, or something else?
  • How you think it could influence or enhance your guitar playing.

Feel free to share stories, fantasies, or even your experiences if you already dabble with other instruments. Let's inspire each other and maybe discover some hidden desires to expand our musical horizons.

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  • I would love to play the piano. My Mom used to play all the time when she was alive. I do already play the mandolin and octave mandolin. 

    • A Putra
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    Definitely violin for me. The sound is just so beatiful in a chamber setting or a small room with live performance (on par with classical guitar). I like cello as well, but it is just too big for my taste. Also, violin will certainly help me with understanding the different tuning of pitches and notes because the instrument is unfretted.

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