More Lessons in Composition.

I love the lessons that I have watched so far. I would certainly love to see more!

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  • I agree. I have really enjoyed (well... painfully enjoyed) the composition sessions so far. I would like some longer sessions (several weeks or an ongoing project) as it always takes me so long to actually accomplish anything.

    • Jack Stewart That's so good to hear! What do you find you struggle with most lately in composing? Is there anything specific you'd like to see taught?

    • Ashley (Ash) Lucero Hey Ashley. "That's so good to hear." - That it always takes me so long to actually accomplish anything? 馃檪

      What I struggle with most in composing - that is a good question. Probably one issue is that I have not tried to evaluate what the problems are. Let me think about this and I will get back to you.

      I appreciate the follow up and will try to provide a more complete answer soon.

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    • Jack Stewart Hey Jack, I missed your response! And yes, I am glad I am not the only one who feels like they take forever! (cuz i really do!!) 

      Have you come up with any answers as to what you struggle with most? For me I realized it has been the same things that have always plagued me: I need more development in my ideas and less over-thinking. :)

    • Ashley (Ash) Lucero Hey Ashley, thanks for the reply.  I have been absorbed in the challenges of recent and trying to resurrect something of a functional repertoire. I can't retain any pieces unless I play them frequently. 

      As to composition, I tried to compose an 'etude' based on Sor Op. 6.11 and Beethoven's Op. 27.2 1st mov. (rather modest models馃檮). I generated a lot of mindless noodling but nothing I felt I could use. I continue to make notes on ideas for this etude but I am probably avoiding actually trying to further write anything to avoid further frustration. I think I am also suffering from the 'Harper Lee' syndrome - being hesitant to create something that is less than my first effort (a very relative analogy - in no way equating my first effort with 'To Kill A Mockingbird').

      I think your personal assessment, "I need more development in my ideas and less over-thinking", is certainly applicable for me. 

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