how can find the sheets?

Hi! greetings from Spain. I'm a new student in Tonebase. My question is, where can i find some of the pdf sheets of some of the lessons in the platform? for example, the last view in my profile was "Piazolla-Invierno Porteño" but I can't find the "download edition" button. Or level 1, "Calatayud-Vals", redirects me to buy the book, but in this case , I only want to learn this piece of the lesson. I prefer to print the score when I am studying, so I do not depend on the computer screen. Best regards.

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  • Hi, a lot of these pieces are still under copyright so Tonebase would be breaking the law if they made PDFs available. 

    • John ahhh ok, it makes sense. Thank for your reply

  • Where can I find the materials from Steve Goss's Lesson on Chromatic Harmony?  I thought Martin said they would be posted in the Forum but I can't find them.  Where should I be looking?

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      • 2 mths ago
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      Eileen Manion Hi Elieen! I posted these materials on the Event Page for this livestream, you can find these in the Livestream Calender under "Past Events". Alternatively, you can watch the livestream and click on the "Join Discussion Thread" button 🥳

    • Martin Thank you for the quick reply.

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  • isn't there a way that we buy the sheets and tonebase teach us how to play it?

    Songs like Cavatina  or old american songbook songs played in classic manner?

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      Ronny Maes that is how tonebase works at the moment. We host a wide variety of educational materials on various guitar pieces and concepts. When those pieces are not in the public domain, we cannot offer them for purchase. In those cases, we will provide you with a link to purchase them, but you need to go out and complete the sale on your own. At this point, it works exactly as you described.

      If you'd like to request a specific piece or cycle to be featured on tonebase, feel free to send your suggestions to the Live Suggestions megathread or to me at [email protected] for prerecorded content suggestions. We can't guarantee that we'll feature it, but we'll do our best to honor as many requests as possible.

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