READ ME FIRST: Rules & FAQ for the tonebase Community Concert

Alright, everyone! Hello and welcome to our next tonebase Community Challenge! 😀🎉This time, we have something very unique for you: the tonebase Community Concert Challenge! ✨🚀🎸

Together, we want to get ready to perform at the very first tonebase Community Concert! For that, we will do things a little bit differently this time, read carefully!

Introducing: The Practice Diary

Following this link, you will be taken to our new forum: The Practice DiaryIn here, you share your progress update as you would have done it in a regular community challenge, but this time you do it:

  • With a piece of your own choosing!
  • In your personal thread, your personal Practice Diary!

In the Practice Diary, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a new thread via the "What do you practice?" button the right!
  2. Tell us what you practice, why you want to play it and what you are currently struggling with, we are here to motivate and inspire each other to grow! 
  3. Share a video , an audio file or simply a description of the current state of that piece!
  4. Repeat those following steps after a few days of practice by replying in your own thread aka your personal diary and let us be part of your journey!

The What:

  • We are going to take the steps necessary to play at the first tonebase Community Concert!
  • You will be sharing your progress update in your own thread in the The Practice Diary
  • You choose how much time you will invest , but you commit to practicing them regularly.
  • We will accompany the challenge with fun livestreams and activities listed below
  • The Practice Diary will be continued even after the Challenge has ended, we will regularly host tonebase community concerts! Yes, this is going to be a thing and you can be part of it!

The When:

  • Nov 2nd: Kick-Off for the tonebase Community Concert Challenge
  • Nov 19th: Memorizing a Piece for Stage with Tengyue Zhang
  • Nov 20th: Dress Rehearsal for the tonebase Community Concert
  • Nov 26th: Joaquim Santos Simoes: Preparing for Competitions
  • Dec 4th: The tonebase Community Concert!

More livestreams will be added in between!


Can I join the challenge if I wasn't there on Nov 2nd?

Yes! Just make sure you keep practicing every day and updating us at least twice a week.

Do I have to participate if I just want to watch the concert?

No, a concert also needs an audience! While we invite you to use our newly created Practice Diaries, you don't have to perform in the tonebase Community Concert to watch it!

I have a question, who do I ask?

Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions you might have about this challenge! If you would prefer to ask something in a more confidential setting, please use my email: [email protected]

Can I do more than one piece for the Concert?

Absolutely! As always, this challenge is for you - do with it what you wish. As long as you 1) practice every day; 2) keep track of your progress; 3) share your progress with others - you are fully participating! Of course I won't be mad if this is too easy for you ;)

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