WEEK 2: Conquering Carcassi's Etudes

Welcome to the Main Thread for the first week of the Carcassi Etudes op.60 challenge! 

If you want to describe your process (optional), feel free to use the following template.

  • Things you found easy:
  • Things you found difficult:
  • (Optional): a video of you performing it!
  • (Optional:) questions

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  • Study 24 update.

    This time I played it the whole way through, including repeats, so it is long. Sorry, no prize for listening to the whole thing!

    Not anywhere near perfect, but it's coming together slowly.

    • Eric Phillips wow, Eric. Such a great job again! One of the most difficult ones. Musically it makes a lot of sense what you’re doing. It’s really great. I would suggest (if I may)to be really careful with the triolets (sorry, that’s French for triplets) in bars 4 and 23  (I counted the first 5 notes as an upbeat.(levée in French).. and, maybe take more time at the top note (dramatic climax) in b 15, like you’re doing in this wonderful passage  in the coda. And be even more lyrical and tender at the 3rds and 6ths at the end. It’s soooo beautiful. Thank you for you great submissions. 

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    • joosje Thank you so much, Joosje! Everything you said is spot on correct. I am definitely rushing those triplets. The descending thirds and sixths at the end need to be much more lyrical. The fingering I was using for them made no sense, so I changed them and I think I am playing them better now. I really appreciate your detailed listening and feedback!

  • First, thanks for the concern for my safety from Ida.  We are fine here about 200 miles east of New Orleans. Mostly lots of rain. I have gotten to the point with #12 that I am satisfied. I found the arpeggio pattern quite easy and many of the chord shapes were familiar and not difficult - just a couple of longer reaches. The trickier part for me was getting the changes well connected and legato sounding. If I go slowly enough it's okay so I just need to work for that sound at a faster tempo. I've enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  Next on my list is # 21. With the mordents and shifts it should present a good left-hand challenge for me which will be good.

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