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Hey everyone - this is Igor from tonebase 🙂!


It's such a pleasure to welcome you as one of the founding members of the tonebase community. Please introduce yourself in a post below with the following format: 

  • Where are you from and what's your favorite food from there? ;) 
  • What are you currently working on? 
  • What are you hoping to get out of this community? 

I'll go first: 

  • While it's hard to pinpoint where exactly I'm from, lol, I just go with Bavaria Germany, and as favorite food, I'd choose Beer (surprise, surprise - closely followed by "Schweinshaxe" - Bavarian Pork-knuckle, which is quite delicious, but sooo heavy that it feels weird calling it favorite food) 
  • Trying to keep my Aranjuez in the fingers, even though certainly don't have that much time to practice as during college days... 
  • I hope we can facilitate authentic and interesting discussions around playing, learning, teaching, performing the guitar as well as all adjacent topics like concert prep, professional development, auditioning etc... 

Now over to you (after some participation from our tonebase team members!) 

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    • Alan Hoff
    • Alan_Hoff
    • 3 mths ago
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    Greetings from the Black Hills, the home of my youth. I recently retired from a ~30 year career in health care living on the coast of Rhode Island (USA).   I'm Alan Hoff.  My favorite local food is fresh rainbow trout. 


    I am currently working on Sor Op 35 numbers 1 & 2, and Carcassi Op 60 # 7.  


    I have played the guitar for a long time, but did not start out well.  I was largely self-taught (playing inexpensive instruments with poor intonation and difficult action - mostly steel string acoustic and electric, but at some point bought my first classical guitar.) I learned so many bad habits - they limited my progress at a certain point.  A ~year ago, I decided I needed to start over.  I have  changed my seated position, left-hand and right-hand technique, literally everything.  I have gone back to beginning, easy pieces, so that I can focus on improving my technique.  This is why Tonebase is so valuable to me.  In Rhode Island I had a good teacher. I do not have access to a good teacher where I am now living.  I need guidance, and structure, which I believe Tonebase can provide.  


    I am excited to be more active with "community activites" like the challenges, and courses, and learning how to record.  


    Alan Hoff

    • Eva Grill
    • Eva_Grill
    • 2 mths ago
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    Hello, I am Eva Grill. I signed up for Tonebase Guitar today. I live in South Germany, work as a software developer, and make music in my spare time. I take classical voice lessons and compose music. I also play the guitar, to a certain extent. The quiz allocated me at level 4.
    In the past, from approx. 14 to 19 (i.e., nearly 40 years ago now),  I had classical guitar lessons, but then I moved to another city and stopped taking lessons due to irregular work hours. 
    Apart from practicing from sheet music (of which I enjoyed Early music and Renaissance most), I always liked improvising on the guitar, a few recorded examples can be found here: https://on.soundcloud.com/CYV2rS3hNvYWBXBb8
    However, I feel I never really had the fluency and technique I would have needed for more advanced pieces, and I'd like to develop a regular practice again and just see how far I can get doing a little each day or every other day.
    I think I'll need to practice really cleverly and efficiently to make do with the time I have.

    I have a concrete goal relating to guitar music - I've been involved in church music during the past few years, and recently I was encouraged to play a small interlude on the guitar, which I improvised. It was very well received and enjoyed, and from there I have got the idea to work on a small program of music for an evening concert in our church, music that I can sing or play, including such guitar music.  I'd like to plan something like that later in the summer or early fall.
    Ideally, I would like to compose some guitar music on my own, for this,  but I might also include existing pieces that I just learn and perform, and also to extend my creative 'toolbox' of what I can play and express in improvisation. 

    Technically, I remember I always had trouble because I didn't have strong nails, while my teacher insisted I should play with nails. I'd rather learn to play good and loud enough without them. 

    Best wishes,

      • martinTeam
      • LIVE
      • martin.3
      • 2 mths ago
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      Eva Grill 

      Welcome to tonebase Guitar! It's wonderful to have you join our community. Your background in classical guitar, voice lessons, and composition is truly impressive, and it's exciting to hear about your plans for a church concert.

      With your dedication and clear goals, I'm confident you'll make great strides in your guitar journey. We're here to support you in developing a clever and efficient practice routine. Feel free to share your progress and any questions you might have.

      Best wishes on your musical endeavors!

      Warm regards, Martin

      • Eva Grill
      • Eva_Grill
      • 1 mth ago
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      martin Thank you for the kind welcome!
      I'm trying to find my way around, and I'm finding that I should start from an earlier level because still 'knowing' many things theoretically doesn't mean I can use these techniques fluently.
      But I've already looked at a few lessons. e.g., the slurs. I've begun trying out and using that more, so I just had the idea of writing a few bars of guitar music using them.
      It does not look very neat, in my opinion... anyway, if anyone would like to spare the time to listen and try to play and comment, that would be great. You can find this here:
      I tried to keep the slurs where the notes are on the same string and where they might make sense. 
      Kind regards,

  • Hey everyone, this is Scott from Raliegh. Joined up for some new repertoire and some help putting  some structure into my practice time 

      • Brian
      • Retired Software Designer/Developer, Inventor, Dog Lover
      • Brian_Bowman
      • 2 mths ago
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      Scott Jordan …. Welcome! Perhaps we can play some live duets at some point. I live in Apex.

  • Very nice, we should make that a goal.

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  • Hello everyone, I'm Alvair Bastos, from Brazil.
    I have been a guitarist since I was 6 years old and have been teaching guitar lessons here in the region for over a decade.
    I'm studying some pieces at the moment (Tango en Skai, Turégano and Madroños for example) to hold a Workshop here, and I'm looking forward to learning with all of you!!
    Instagram: @afb.guitar
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