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Welcome, one and all, to the Main Thread for this challenge!

This is where the magic happens - the thread where we'll all be posting our daily updates.

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Every day between December 6th and 19th, we are hoping to read your daily updates in this very thread right here!

Please use the following format when commenting (feel free to copy & paste!):

  • Landslag you worked on:
  • One thing you found easy:
  • One thing you found difficult:
  • (Optional): a video of you performing it!

Sample daily update:

  • Landslag you worked on: Landslag no. 1: dark sand dunes with some moss
  • One thing you found easy: The first bar was the hardest one for me to learn, although it looked easy enough on my first try.
  • One thing you found difficult: I liked that it was a single line; it allowed me to focus on every note and it was much easier to read than most pieces I play.

Feel free to make these updates as short or long as you wish!

Download the full score (click ↓):

Gulli's Lessons for each individual Landslag:

Dedicated discussion threads for each Landslag:

(More dedicated threads will be created as we progress throughout the challenge)

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  • I had mostly worked on numbers 1-4. After the watch party I took some time and looked ahead and spent some time with numbers 8 and 10. I love the harmonic work in number 10.  And the video session on polyrhythms for number 8 was most helpful. I think it is the first time I can actually feel a polyrhythm. It would be very helpful to have  a similar video session on other polyrhythem combinations. There are examples using a metronome, but working through the examples with Gulli was the best! Thank you for a great challenge. There are not many opportunities to feel we actually accomplish something in only two weeks.

      • Derek
      • Derek
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Martha Kreipke Hi Martha glad to hear I'm not the only one still working on them. I too worked on the early ones - 1 to 5 but not too much on number 4, and also worked on numbers 8 and 10.  Hope to get them working well enough to get a half decent recording

  • I know the challenge is officially over but I am finally ready to post my first video. 

    Landslag I

    I took a risk and made slight change at the end. I hope that Gulli will not be offended. 


    I just acquired a MV88+ microphone to attach to my iPhone. This is my first recording with it.




    Martha Kreipke


    (We need to get more female musicians posting on this thread!)

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    • Martha Kreipke very well👋

    • Martha Kreipke Beautiful Martha,


      I love the last harmonics you added to the piece

    • Ronnull
    • Ron.3
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Yes, I'm still working on them too. I'm going to work up the ones which I feel the strongest connection too first - probably 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10. That should keep me busy for a while!

  • Hello everyone,


    I know I am late but I was busy last weeks learning another piece, but I couldn't resist joining you playing this beautiful piece.


    It is very wonderful to see such an amazing classical guitar community doing social activities together.


    • Landslag I worked on: Landslag no. 1: dark sand dunes with some moss
    • One thing you found easy: The time I have preparing and think of the next transitions made it easier for me, especially with left hand.
    • One thing you found difficult: I can say that I am a beginner guitarist, I found the right hand to be challenging sometimes as we are using different strings compensations with different fingers and we need to keep the tone quality beautiful. But this is a very nice study to practice that.


    Here is my video


    I will work more on the piece until I feel satisfied then try to increase the tempo slowly.


    Best wishes to all of you,


    Sultan from Saudi Arabia

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  • Just to complete my work on this challenge for now, here is my recording of Landslag II. 




    Martha Kreipke

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      • Ronnull
      • Ron.3
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      Martha Kreipke Well done Martha, beautifully played

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