Week 2: Vienna in 19th !🍰

Welcome to the Main Thread for the second week of the "Around the 19th Century Guitar World" challenge! 

Vienna was a hub for all classical music in the 19th century. Home to Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, among others, the classical guitar was alive and well in the 19th century. In Vienna in the 19th century classical guitar composers were heavily influenced by orchestral composers and had relationships with them; Giuliani played cello in the premiere of Beethoven’s 7th symphony and Mertz arranged Schubert’s Songs for Piano and Voice on guitar.

↓ Happy Sharing! ↓

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  • Giuliani - La Violette Op 46 No 8

    Here's a little something for Mauro on his birthday! 🎉🎂

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  • Giuliani - Le Romarin Op 46 No 5 update

    I first posted this a while ago, but I have continued to work on it, so I thought I'd post an update. It has more of a dynamic and tonal plan now. I hope to present this to Emmanuel Sowicz at his upcoming masterclass.

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    • Eric Phillips It is always so disappointing to have a rough performance in the livestream (masterclass), but everyone understands this - and you know I know what I am talking about when it come to rough live performances. However, more importantly, you were an excellent 'student' which provided all of us with great insight into this piece, and playing in general.

      I heard this piece with 'new ears' and found it captivating. Thanks for presenting this.

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    • Jack Stewart Thank you for the supportive words. I felt okay until I made a big mistake, and then I could not stop my hands and even legs from shaking. It is humbling, for sure. In the end, though, I learned a lot, which is, of course, the point.

      i could only watch about 5 minutes into your time with Emmanuel, as I had to go pick up my son, but I hope you found it a helpful experience as well.

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      Eric Phillips I did notice the initial ‘mistake’ (not all that ‘bad’ I thought) but I felt you recovered well. If your hands were shaking, it wasn’t apparent. And as Jack said, you were an excellent ‘student’, quickly incorporating Emmanuel’s ideas into your own playing. I found his discussion (and his demonstrations!) very useful. If you continue playing the piece, I hope you’ll share an update!

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    • David Krupka Thanks for the encouragement, David, I really appreciate it. It was a lot to take in at the time, but I would like to try to implement a few of his suggestions (the ones I can remember, at least). If and when I do so, I will be sure to post a video in the practice diary.

    • Eric Phillips You were save by your family!

      Emmanuel's advice was also excellent on my piece as well. I had the rhythm all wrong (that's a perennial weakness of mine). He also had good phrasing advice. I learned a lot from from both your session and my session. I missed much of Derek's session due to technical issues (and I was practicing my piece).

    • Eric Phillips Jack Stewart hey, I really enjoyed both your sessions with Emmanuel. His approach to the  pieces (btw great choice both of you ) was truly inspiring.  Your responsiveness was also teaching me a lot. How to incorporate new ideas, and more elaborate choices, into the music I’m playing, how to make the phrasing more convincing and accentuate the coloring. These masterclasses are so useful. I liked Derek’s session, too, though I also missed half of it (and the sound was not to good either). 

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    • joosje Thank you, Joosje, I found it very helpful as well. Maybe next time you can sign up, and I'll watch and learn.

  • Eric Phillips You didn't come across as nervous at all to me. 


    To all: Considering informal live performance is the one thing missing from this platform, I wonder if they'd be amenable to opening up a periodic live guitar society type event. People could share what they're working on without the "masterclass" or "concert" label to stress over. Zoom is free if it's under 40 minutes, but tonebase might want to keep it within platform. I think it'd be beneficial but let me know what you think.

    Or let me know if it's already there but I missed it, lol. 

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    • Steve Price It’s a great idea, but I’m not sure how it’s different than the concerts. Is it just the word “concert” that makes it feel more intimidating?

    • Eric Phillips I don't know what they're like since I'm fairly new here so maybe it's already what's happening. 

    • Steve Price Over the last year they have tried a few things in different format, but the reality in the end is how «we», the community, participate in those events. Lets take the community concert as an example, that's more like a private practice in front of others, got too much participants in its early editions and the last one was cancelled because of the opposite. I think we slowly moving to a better solution but we need at least two things, enough participants to make the event viable and someone who is available to organize, manage and monitor the event.

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    • Blaise Laflamme good point Blaise. But maybe the frequency also plays a role. When something new is happening everyone is queuing up to join. The usual suspects are all over, no space for new comers. Later on, it depends on how the previous activities were received by the majority of players and audience. Sort of voting by submitting-or not. (And summer holidays, of course -  I would still be happy to play in a community concert some time). Personally, I perceived the concerts sometimes more as a sequence of 6-8 individual performances. It would also be nice to have a sort of theme, like in the challenges. Broadly formulated like: Ponce-Piazzolla, or: Bach- Barrios. That would attract different players and listeners (maybe).  Just thinking aloud…. And yes, we still need someone to organize, manage and monitor….

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    • joosje sure Joosje and I'm not judging or complaining about how it is, and yes the frequency has a huge role, just trying to figure out why some things are working and other not. Tonebase is doing a lot I've not seen elsewhere and it looks like they're still working to figure out different formats for different needs. For sure they won't cover everything for everyone in every aspects but the platform is on the right track IMHO.

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