FAQs for "The Romantic Era" 🕯

Alright, everyone! Hello and welcome to "The Romantic Era"! 😀🎉 In this month's Community Challenge, we will explore the vast beauty of guitar music from the Romantic period!💪

Three Weeks of Sheer Beauty!

Some selected tonebase productions to get you started:

(Non-Complete) List of Composers on tonebase  

Composers & Scores from other sources

Aguado, Sor, Mertz, Regondi, Legnani, Coste, Schubert, Albeniz, Granados, Paganini, Pratten, Tárrega, the list is endless! Typically, the romantic period ranges between approx. 1800 to 1910, but some composers (especially guitar composers) might have been late to the party!

The What:

  • We are going to play repertoire from the Romantic Period!
  • The aim is to practice them every day and post progress updates!
  • You choose how much time you will invest, but you commit to practicing regularly.
  • A watch party featuring your submissions will take part at the end (date below!)

The When:

The How:

  1. Start by choosing a piece that you want to work on or focus on a composer? Feel free to start with me in the first Live Stream!

  2. After some practice, go to our Updates thread and post about it!

  3. If you are comfortable with it, add a video or audio of yourself performing it. This is optional, but it will allow you to share your progress with others!

The Fun Part:

  • At the end of our practice challenge, we will be hosting another Watch Party on tonebase LIVE! This will feature user submissions, community awards, and shoutouts!
  • This is planned for June 3rd at 11 am PT!


Can I join the challenge if I wasn't there on May 2nd?

Yes! Just make sure you keep practicing every day and updating us at least twice a week.

I have a question, who do I ask?

Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions about this challenge! If you prefer to ask something in a more confidential setting, please use my email: [email protected] or write me DM through the Forum!

Can I do more than one piece per week?

Absolutely! This challenge is for you - do with it what you wish. As long as you 1) practice every day; 2) keep track of your progress; 3) share your progress with others - you are fully participating! 

↓ Reply with other questions below! ↓

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