Week 2: Don't be scared!

Welcome to the Main Thread for the second week of "Monsters of Nylon" practice challenge! 

  1. Select a "Monster of Nylon" or a piece that you have been trying to solve for a longer period of time. The choice is yours! 🎼

  2. Commit to regular practice and share your progress with the community. Strive to practice daily and upload at least two videos per week to showcase your musical voyage. This not only keeps you motivated but also allows you to share your artistic journey with our tonebase family. 🎥

  3. Share your favorite performance or recording that captures the spirit of the "Monsters of Nylon" Challenge. Your submission will inspire others and create a vibrant collection of potential pieces for fellow members to explore. 🎧

↓ Happy Sharing! ↓

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  • This week has been pretty quiet on the Monster of Nylon Challenge.  Hopefully, others will join in.  As I posted last week, I am working on the first movement of Carlevaro's Cronomias Sonata.  In the score that I am using, Carlevaro has marked up 15 phrases within the first movement.  I broke it down into five phrases for Section A, five phrases for Section B, and for the final section, which is a repeat of Section A with a long coda or finale, there are also five phrases.  Here is Section B.  

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      • Jack Stewart
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      • Jack_Stewart
      • 6 mths ago
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      That was wonderful, Dale. The clarity of your phrasing really made this section come alive in this technically and musically challenging piece. Great work!

      I agree that that this challenge seems to have fallen asleep. (And I am no help, unfortunately.) there were several great projects in the first week. I hope people realize this forum is for sharing progress and not just finished pieces. Anyway I will continue to check in when I can until I return home. I hope to participate in the next challenge even though, I am sure it will take me a couple of weeks to get some level of competence.

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      • don
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      • 6 mths ago
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      Dale Needles this is coming along really nicely.


      I’m skipping this and the Spanish music challenge as I’m learning a new piece of music at the moment and it is somewhat challenging for me. I’ve changed fingerings 5-6 times on one single passage within a week.  But I’ll keep myself inspired by entries like yours. 😄

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    • Dale Needles great work, Dale. I love your clear sound and energetic rhythmical interpretation and I admire your dedication to this intriguing and really difficult piece. Please keep us updated, it’s fascinating. It’s a bit sad that you don’t have much company on this journey into the monsters of nylon. I’m, like Don, working on some project that i don’t  feel like sharing since it’s very slow progress and very detailed work….

    • joosje Jack Stewart don Thanks for your support. Yea, it is a bit lonely out here on the Monsters of Nylon challenge, but I am enjoying getting deep into Cronomias.  It is a great piece and I am inspired to try and tackle Movements II and III next year.  Hopefully, I will be able to post the full first movement before I depart for my two-month trip on October 3rd. 

    • Dale Needles 

      You are right Dale; this challenge does not seem to attract a lot of posting. For myself, these musical pieces are way out of my capabilities. However, I really enjoy listening to all postings and trying to learn how to approach and work complex pieces. 


      Bravo, this is an amazing work you did on this section of a very complex piece. 👍

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    • Andre Bernier Thanks, Andre. One thing to consider is that a monster of nylon is relative to one's level. For example, a great Sor Study can be a monster of nylon or a Pavana by Milan or an Etude by Brouwer.  Also, glad you like Cronomias thus far.  It is an amazing piece and while I will only be posting the first movement for this challenge, I am now inspired to work on the other two movements in the coming months. 

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