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Increase Legato Playing in Both Hands in Two Weeks with TY!

Every instrument has its limitations and weaknesses. Playing legato is one of the hardest things to master on the guitar. Every note is so fragile: if your right hand accidentally touches the string or your left hand leaves the string in-between notes, the note will be stopped. Let鈥檚 explore and discuss the techniques and experiences on the details of how to maintain the notes with your left hand clean shifting, shifting motion, fingertip motion, exercises, and right hand training processes of free strokes for perfect legato playing.

Fellow Participants in Group 4 :

TY Legato Group 4

Jerry Dorfman



Jorge Roman

Ariel Parellada

Tim Farnham

Lovemore Nanjaya

Rick Lord

peter hancock

Carlos Augusto Costa Silva

Javier Elizondo




Share a video where you demonstrate the three exercises as presented by TY. As a bonus, add measures 1-10 by Carcassi op.60 no.1

  1. Release the String, don't pluck it!
  2. Spider Exercise! 
  3. Left Hand Shifting / Change Fret Exercises
  4. Carcassi Op.60 No.1 Measure 1-10


Watch TY's Lesson on Carcassi op.60 no.1 here!

How to get the most out of this course

  • Start by watching the introduction video and practice the exercises given in the video.
  • Write a post where you had big issues with legato!
  • Share two videos per week and help your course partners through feedback on their submissions!


Zoom Check-In: Sunday, July  24th 3pm EST / 12 noon PST

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    • peter hancock  l love how your left hand fingers are always on fingertips! It is what we always want! But this left hand muting thing is like as if we try to play with a "bad" technique, which is to lay the left hand fingers side ways and a little flat, so the flesh of our fingers can touch and mute the string below!

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    • TY Zhang Thanks I will try to play "bad" for this muting thing. I am assuming this is used only for open strings. They seem to "pop" out louder and longer than others which messes up the melody.

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    • peter hancock haha! Right! Play "bad" is good here! Yes open strings are louder than fretted notes, and such great attention to the sound you have!

  • Hello TY and Group 4. 

    A bit late in posting a video this week but managed to find time this morning to do a "status video" on the excellent exercises you gave us for week one.  I look forward to incorporating them more often in the future.  

    On the left hand shifting exercise, I can't quite get best way to lift off to avoid squeaks as each finger moves away.  Hope to ask you about that on Sunday.

    I hope to practice the dynamic markings more carefully in Etude No 1 this coming week.  Very glad I signed up for this one, thank you.

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    • Rick Lord 




      Love your guitar room!!!

      You looks like you are enjoying every bit of working on music!


      I want to suggest the right hand position to be more above the strings! Please look at this video and tell me if you have more questions on the position and finger movements!


      Great Spider!


      Shifting, really great and clean, Left hand: try to only apply the needed power on the first plucking moment, after that, the left hand fingertip can relax much more, we don鈥檛 need to hold on to the string so tight for the full duration of each note! Try that!

      Try to maintain strings at their level, don鈥檛 push or pull strings up or down by left hand fingers!

      So clean actually when shifting, but sometimes with one position, the fingers have some little squeaks, maybe slower and have higher left hand wrist can help, we can talk more later!


      Legato very well, next can work on the left hand mute a little more to keep the line clean and smooth! Thank you!

    • Teni
    • Teni
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hello TY and everyone in the group,


    Sorry for the late posting. It is the first time joining in the community activity and it took some time to figure out what to do by looking at the group members' submissions.

    I am so excited to participate in this activity and I appreciate TY for the detailed instruction.


    Spider Exercise was challenging because putting 2nd on the 1st string and the 4th finger on the lower strings (2nd, 3rd...) at the same time has been always difficult for me. I cannot seem to make it maintaining the square shape of the hand, so I tend to turn my wrist or change the angle of the hand.


    On Carcassi, I often make the LH fingers flat to mute the adjacent string, and I wonder if it is the right way to mute.


    Thank you for watching the video and hope to see you all tomorrow!



    • Teni 


      Hi! Very nice tone and sound, even and controlled! Maybe always try to make a bigger and deeper volume when we practice the fundamental exercises, and when we play music, we use our normal strength and volume!


      I suggest that to let the guitar lower shoulder be closer to our body, the place that touches our left leg, it will help the left hand to have a easier position!


      Best spider! Every detail is perfect! Thank you!


      Shifting is so clean, Left hand: try to not pull the string down towards the 4th string when you play the 5th string, keep it at it鈥檚 place.


      I loved the Carcassi, clean and solid, very legato and the tone is consistent!

    • martinTeam
    • LIVE
    • martin.3
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    Here is the link for the Zoom Check-In with TY on Sunday, July  24th 3pm EST / 12 noon PST!

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  • I found muting to be challenging.

    • Jerry Dorfman Very nice tone! Very flexible fingers from the spider! When doing the change fret shifting exercise, try to keep the string in one place, meaning not pull or push up or down by the left hand fingers! Work a little more on the release of fingertips of left hand, try to lift them with no squeaks and straight up! Thanks! Carcassi sounding good, just keep going, and I recommend using metronome around 72 or so!

    • TY Zhang TY, appreciate your feedback 

    • TY Zhang TY, appreciate your feedback!!

  • My 2nd video

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    • peter hancock 20 etudes pour guitare__delcampForum (dragged) Hi Dear Peter! Thank you for the beautiful playing! I marked something on the score for you! Try to connect and bring out the top line, half note-quarter note line. And some small details of fingering suggestions! Try to maintain the last note of each measure before shifting away to the next measure!

    • TY Zhang Thanks for suggestions. I will incorporate them. I am trying to bring out the melody. I have listened to it many times. Again thanks!!

      Peter Hancock

      p.s. I am also studying your A-M-I scale   

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