Week 1: "Villa-Lobos Vibe"

Welcome to the Main Thread for the first week of "Villa-Lobos Voyage" practice challenge! 

  1. Select a mesmerizing piece from Villa-Lobos or a composer connected to his Brazilian heritage. Whether it's a soulful Villa-Lobos composition, a rhythmic Brazilian-inspired work, or a piece by another artist inspired by the Brazilian musical tradition, the choice is yours! 🎼

  2. Commit to regular practice and share your progress with the community. Strive to practice daily and upload at least two videos per week to showcase your musical voyage. This not only keeps you motivated but also allows you to share your artistic journey with our tonebase family. 🎥

  3. Share your favorite performance or recording that captures the spirit of the "Villa-Lobos-Voyage Challenge." Your submission will inspire others and create a vibrant collection of potential pieces for fellow members to explore. 🎧

↓ Happy Sharing! ↓

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  • Today I went back to the gavota to record it . Crazy how much more stress it gives to record the whole piece, even if the separate parts are (more or less) in control.  Towards the end this growing worry that some stupid mistake the last part might spoil it all. (I still don’t have the software&skills to copy/paste between takes.)
    so, this is one take, and, what’s more, the first! Not perfect yet but pretty flowing. Pity that the stress made me play more timidly than when I play for my self, okay that’s the whole thing about recording and performing…. And I am much more aware now of what to work on, technically and musically.

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    • joosje Very nice, Joosje.  It is coming along so well and definitely there are parts that flow beautifully. I think that the C section is the most challenging to both play and connect musically to the A & B sections and you are doing a great job with this beautiful Choro.

    • joosje Hell, yeah! I loved hearing you play all the parts together. Thank you for sharing that and for enduring the stress of doing all the parts together! You're version here had me looking up recorded versions on my Spotify. (I'm new to classical guitar and still in my infancy in becoming familiar with the "standards" or the cannon.) I found this version by Maria Livia Sao Marcos, who, as far as I know did the only proper recording of the tune I'm working on for this challenge: "Pobre Cega." While I had heard other recording an appreciated many big classical guitar recordings, sort of from a distance. It was was her record "The Classical Brazilian Guitar," particularly the A-side, that gave me the classical guitar bug and that brought me to tonebase. I wonder what you many folks more experienced with the cannon feel about this recording of "Gavota." Please share!


      Now I get to virtually hang out with all of you! How cool!

  • Todos, I don't have a recording for you all today, but this group and the focus it nudged me towards to work on "Pobre Cega," inspired me to play it at an open mic at a nearby bar. It's the first time I've ever played it for an audience. This Challenge gave me to nerve to try it out. It was imperfect, but hella fun!

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