Looking for advice on extended tremolo



I've been enamoured with Manolo Sanluca's Oracion for a long time now and every so often I try and play it. This will last until I get eventually get frustrated and go back to pieces that come more naturally. Whilst I feel it's getting better I just can't seem to get those long tremolo sections smooth at all and no matter how hard I look I can't find any advice online regarding this technique.


Have any of you come across tremolo of this nature before? Any advice or recommendations very welcome.

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  • Hi Tom! Flamenco tremolo is indeed a beautiful sight to behold 😀 but also quite difficult to do well.

    As you might already know, the basic difference between regular classical tremolo and flamenco tremolo (like the one in your video) is that classical tremolo consists of sixteenth notes (p, a, m, i) while flamenco tremolo consists of sixteenth quintuplets (p, i, a, m, i).

    However, there is of course a long way to go between understanding something theoretically and actually being able to play it smoothly like Manolo Sanlucar is doing it in the video you linked.

    On tonebase, we have a couple of tremolo lessons and livestreams:

    And Bokyung Byun's Tremolo Workshop I hosted a few months ago.

    Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, none of these lessons deal with flamenco tremolo specifically - however, the principles should all still apply in the same way.

    We do also have some livestreams on flamenco, namely the ones by Adam del Monte and Silviu Ciulei - however, they don't specifically deal with the question of tremolo.

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  • Thank you for your response. 


    I'm particularly enjoying the Bokyung Byun video. So much joy accompanying such knowledge and skill!


    ...Also the depth of the Thomas Viloteau video with all that detail for tone shaping and dynamic control. He sure does analyse the hell out of a technique doesn't he.

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