2022-03-12 Asturias Practice

I watched the lesson by Ana Vidovic on tonebase, as motivation for finishing learning Asturias and practicing it further.


I've learned the whole section A, and now I am tackling section B. In theory part B shall be technically easier, I should be able to make it. 🚀


Regarding section A, I find the C chord in measure 37 really really hard. That whole part I still cannot play cleanly, even at slow tempo I miss notes and it sounds bad.


Here the score as reference --> https://www.classclef.com/pdf/Asturias-Leyenda%20by%20Isaac%20Albeniz.pdf


Do yo know if there are alternative fingerings that might be easier? I like to play the same positions as Ana Vidovic, except for that part that is probably too hard for me to play cleanly. It would be great to find an alternative for that section for measures 37-40.

Overall, I hope I'll learn the whole peace soon. At that point the mechanics will be there, and I can keep practicing and work on the musicality more. 🙂

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    Hi Stefano, that was awesome to watch!!! Measures 37-40 are really hard, I've seen several possibilities employed by guitarists. I'd recommend reading this fantastic article on Asturias by Stanley Yates who goes in great depth about this C-Major chord.

    Furthermore, there is an interesting discussion about that in the Delcamp Forum on confusion between many different versions!

    In the end, you need to find a version that suits you and feel free to change it if necessary. Look what John Williams is doing there at 1:15:

    Maybe I am remembering wrong, but I think Bill Young had some thoughts on this on, too?

    • Martin hello and thanks for these resources.

      Yates transcription is very peculiar, quite different from the ones played by Ana Vidovic. (transcribed by Segovia? Tarrega?)

      Here is a performance of Yates version --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d6wgE4Y8iI

      I prefer Segovia's version, so I'll try doing what John Williams does. It seems he does a chord higher up the fretboard, with the E or G as bass notes. G and C are played on the 10th fret with index finger barrè.


      In the video you posted, I don't like much the triplets he does after that chord, with the open E cantino string. But it might be the bad recording quality.

      Julia Lange does something similar, and the result is amazing and very musical. It is probably my favourite version --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwLE_JyHIZk

      But I cannot find an exact transcription of what she does. I have to try to figure it out.

      I think I am quite close to getting the whole piece together and playing it at decent speed. 🙂

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