Dušan Bogdanović: Harmony for Classical Guitar

Unlocking a deeper understanding of your repertoire!

Join us together with Dušan Bogdanović and let us dive deep into Harmony for Classical Guitar. Together with Dušan, we are going to discuss his excellent release "Harmony for Classical Guitar" and help you unlocking a deeper understanding of your repertoire!

Described as a composer of masterful craft with a genuine clarity and purity of vision (Guitar Review), Dušan Bogdanović has developed a personal synthesis of contemporary classical, jazz and world music. His work numbers over two hundred published compositions, including a variety of commissions for solo guitar, chamber ensembles, orchestra and multimedia, as well as numerous CD recordings. Early in his career, he received the only First Prize at the Geneva Competition and gave a highly acclaimed debut recital at Carnegie Hall in 1977.

Let us hear your questions in this thread, so I can forward them to Dušan!

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    Can’t go by I will see it later in the archive.

  • I hope you will touch on “Little Cafe Suite”…either way, I look forward to it

  • Dear Dusan, I would like to have a question about a general doubling rule. Could you please advise me on in what scenarios/styles that we should avoid doubling the bass in a 1st inversion triad? And vice versa, in which scenarios/styles that we do not need to follow that guideline? As an observation, I notice that example 2.30 of P. Hindemith in page 21 of the "Harmony for Classical Guitar" seems to show that the bass in the 1st inversion chords were avoided to be doubled.

    • And thank you very much in advance for taking my question into consideration. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend your live stream, but I will definitely rush to my computer to watch the livestream offline as soon as I get home on Wednesday's late evening. 

  • Hello Dusan, Harmony for Classical Guitar is an excellent resource for self study and reference and should be included in the guitarist library.  
    Chapter VI Harmonic Functions and Relationships 

    The open chain structure ex.6.4 pg.59 reminded me of Arnold Schoenberg Chart of the Regions from Structural Functions of Harmony and there it was in your references. Very cool!

    Question: have you ever read  George Russell’s “ Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization” 

    Question: With such a vast and varied amount of work you have done, Do you ever sleep?

    With much appreciation for your inspirational work and music 

     Thank you, Michael

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