Forgotten by Catherina Josepha Pratten

I found a video on YT today of Alexandra Whittingham playing this beautiful piece ( I found the score on IMSLP and decided to play it. I would estimate that it is at about level 3 or 4, so very accessible. It's very Romantic in style, with lots of room for rubato and expressive playing.

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  • Eric Phillips  Nice work! Very beautiful and expressive. Thanks for including the sheet music.

    What is IMSLP? I'm looking for a good source of sheet music.

  • One more question: Is that your progress after working on it 1 day?!

    • Kevin Mudd Thanks for listening, Kevin. IMSLP is the International Music Score Library Project. It is a huge source for public domain sheet music. When I want to look for a piece, I usually Google the composer and piece name with the letters "pdf" (ex. "Pratten Forgotten pdf"). If it's on IMSLP (which it often is) it will usually be the first or second website Google gives. Everything on the site is free. You can contribute money to the site, but you don't have to. It's a great resource, particularly for finding the original publications of music.

      I literally first heard the piece about one-and-a-half hours ago. I practiced it for about 30 minutes before recording it and posting it here.

  • December 22, 2021

    Here's my first crack at the piece.

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  • December 23, 2021

    Today, I'm taking it slightly faster in the "a tempo" sections. I also introduced a bit a variety in the repeat of the short cadenza.

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  • December 23, 2021 (update)
    After receiving some very welcome and helpful comments from a community member in a private message, I re-recorded this today. I had been slowing down a bit in measures 9 and 27. Here, I am trying not to do that, keeping the sixteenth notes crisp. Let me know if I was successful.

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      Eric Phillips That was very nice Eric. I have never heard of this composer - but then I had usually avoided romantic composers until recently. I have started to listen to and play some Chopin, and Mertz/Schubert. So I am getting there. I am beginning to search out more composers from this era, Coste, Regondi, etc. (Beethoven has always been exempt from my avoidance of the Romantics - but he is not very well represented in guitar literature.) My personal preferences are still Baroque and Modern but I am loosening up. Thanks for presenting this.

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    • Jack Stewart Thanks for listening and I鈥檓 glad you liked it, Jack. For many years, I avoided Romantics as well. I didn鈥檛 even start playing Tarrega until a few years ago. Now I must say, I really love it. It鈥檚 funny how we change.

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