Guess the Composer

Is anyone up for a little fun?

Give a listen to the five videos posted above. There is one from each of these early 19th century composers (in alphabetical order):

  • Dionisio Aguado
  • Matteo Carcassi
  • Ferdinando Carulli
  • Mauro Giuliani
  • Fernando Sor

Can you figure out who wrote each piece? And, which one is your favorite?

I will wait for responses for a few days before I reveal the answers. Just to make it more challenging, don’t read anyone else’s replies until you write yours.

Happy guessing!

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  • Giuseppe Gasparini Blaise Laflamme Andre Bernier David Krupka

    Well, my little guessing game didn't seem to catch on too much, so here are the answers.

    • Video A: Giuliani Andantino Op 40 No 23
    • Video B: Aguado Study 12 from Método de Guitarra
    • Video C: Sor Menuetto Op 2 No 1
    • Video D: Carcassi Andantino Grazioso Op 59 No 1
    • Video E: Carulli Moderato Op 333 No 1

    Both Blaise and David got them all correct. They really know their early 19th century guitar composers!

    And their prize is ... FREE ICE CREAM!!!!!!

    Well, not real ice cream, but a really nice ice cream emoji! One for each of you.

    Here you go:  🍨  🍦

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    • Blaise Laflamme I agree, great Idea Eric Phillips

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    • David Krupka me too! 😂 I was sur for A (Giuliani), but was hesitant on B and C as B could have been Sor harmonically but melodically it's a bit more «romantic» then I set B (Aguado) and C (Sor). Then I was also hesitant for D and E but pattern for D was sounding more Carcassi (and a bit more interesting harmonically) and D was the most straight and conservative... as Carulli usually is. But I have to admit that with a different selection of works it would probably have been more difficult, Eric Phillips  was great at choosing them right! 💪

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      • Andre Bernier
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      • Andre_Bernier
      • 10 mths ago
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      Eric Phillips Thanks Eric, this was very entertaining and Bravo Blaise Laflamme and David Krupka for winning the contest.

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