Bartolom茅 Calatayud

hi there, greetings from Brazil!


I joined Tonebase a few months ago, but this is my first post here in the Forum. 


The level system quiz put me at level 6. I decided it would be a good idea to start with some interesting pieces bellow this level, to get used to the lessons and practice. Scrolling the list of pieces, I found these three pieces from Bartolom茅 Calatayud, and they seemed to be the perfect place to start.


Jaxon Williams teaches Calatayud's Vals
Jaxon Williams teaches Calatayud's Canci贸n de Cuna
Jaxon Williams teaches Calatayud's Boceto Andaluz


So let麓s start with Vals. 

The piece itself was not hard to play. But I did have some trouble with techinques.


Jaxon Willians teaches you to play rest stroke on the melody and free stroke on the bass line. I haven麓t mastered this yet, and so far I am using just free stroke. 


The vibrato in the first phrase is also something that I want to practice more. 


Dynamics & tone colors are something new to me. I am enjoying playing it, but I am not really contortable with my right hand movements to play tasto in the first repetition.


A lot of thing to keep practicing.

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  • Hello Bruno,

    Welcome to Tonebase. I am also a new member and joined just last November.

    Based on the system level quiz I am at level 3.... My experience was only from acoustic guitar.

    You choose very nice pieces.

    I suggest that you could join the "Music you love - Community challenge" In the forum. These pieces would be perfect and you would likely get many comments, help and support from the community.

    Good luck in your musical life and stay active in the community.


    • Thanks, Andre!

  • Ok, after more or less a week working on my second piece, I decided to record it. Here is Cancion de Cuna. 

    Muting bass notes with the right hand was quite a challenge. Dynamics and legato were also things that I want to put more work. 

    Also I am not really happy with this video and I might make another version. Maybe I should have a look on how to record, and I should definetly buy new strings to my guitar. 

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  • I loved this piece. Of course, still need a lot of work to be well played, but I am having a lot of fun in the process.

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