READ ME FIRST: Rules & FAQ for the First-Ever BEGINNER Community Practice Challenge!

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Alright, everyone: welcome to our very first tonebase Community Beginner Challenge😀🎉 So happy you stopped by! Settle in for two weeks of intensive right-hand practice - because everyone can benefit from a good workout! These exercises are useful at every level, but tailored for beginners.

(If you are looking for the Advanced Practice Challenge instead, click this link!)

Two weeks of Right-Hand technique

Download the Week 1 Workbook: (← click)

No ability to read music required! Every term is explained through both text and livestreams, and the usage of the workbook is not required. You can also just watch the videos and imitate.

The What:

  • We've put together a selection of exercises for you to improve your right-hand technique
  • There will be two livestreams (dates below), explaining and demonstrating the exercises 
  • You choose how many of the exercises you do, but you commit to 2 weeks of daily practice.

The When:

  • Practice days: January 29th - February 10th (13 days)

The How:

  1. Start by watching the kickoff livestream on Friday, January 29th!
  2. Practice the exercises at home every day, as much as you feel comfortable.
  3. When you are finished practicing for the day, go to our Week 1 Daily Updates thread and post an update.
  4. Text updates should contain: which exercises you did, and one thing you found difficult / easy. Optional: metronome range you found comfortable, and/or questions.
  5. If you are comfortable with it, add a video or audio of yourself performing it. This is entirely optional, but it will allow you to share your progress with others!

Repeat the process for Week 2! Make sure to watch the second explanatory livestream for tips on how to practice the new exercises.

The Why:

  • Because we want to challenge ourselves to practice every day for the next 2 weeks
  • Because we want to keep each other accountable
  • Because practicing together is more fun than practicing alone
  • Because we get to share our progress with others (whether through video or just text)
  • Because everyone can benefit from a good technical workout
  • Because practicing 15 minutes every day is always better than 5 hours once a month
  • Because we want to meet our fellow tonebase community members

The Fun Part:

  • At the end of our practice challenge, we will be putting on a live Watch Party!
  • In addition to watching each other's submissions and chatting about the challenge, participants will receive special community perks and shout-outs!
  • Come join us and celebrate everyone who took part!


Can I join if I wasn't there for the kickoff stream on January 29th?

Absolutely! This is all about you committing to practice daily and writing updates. Give the kickoff livestream a watch for help with the exercises - the recording will continue to be available. For an extra challenge, commit to keep practicing for 2 weeks from the day you join, rather than January 29th.

I have a question, who do I ask?

Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions you might have about this challenge! If you would prefer to ask something in a more confidential setting, please use my email: [email protected]

Will there be a workbook for Week 2?

Yes. It will be posted in the Week 2 daily updates thread, as well as in this one.

Can I do more than this every day? Combine it with other exercises?

Of course! This challenge is for you - do with it what you wish. As long as you 1) practice every day; 2) keep track of your progress; 3) share your progress with others - you are fully participating! Of course we won't be mad if this is too easy for you 😉

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