What is on your musical bucket list?

Do you have a musical bucket list? 📝

Maybe it's to play a recital for friends and family, maybe it's to play in a chamber group or go to a guitar festival! Perhaps it’s finally hearing your favorite guitarist play or tackling Rodrigo's Concierto D'Aranajuez. Let us know what's on your list, no event is too small!

Share your list below! ⬇️

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  • - Bach 6th cello suite and C major violin sonata

    - Britten Nocturnal

    - premier more new works (did 3 this season) 

    - do more work with mixed chorus

    - do more chamber music 

    sorry I guess this isn't all strictly bucket list stuff as much as shorter/medium term goals.     

    • Dave McLellan I had sort of the same take on this. I go through Nocturnal every once in a while but it's still well beyond me. A great piece to study though. Henze's Drei Tentos has always been at the top on my list and I think they may be doable at some point. I've had an on-again/off-again relationship with Bach's BWV 996 for years and I've long thought of being able to play the entire suite but I keep hoping some musicologist will come out and say the Gigue is a fake and the piece ends after the Bouree. That thing is a beast. I don't have any performing goals but I'd like to get more serious about composing but we'll see. 

    • Steve Price true enough, that Gigue is a bear.  so just play a few movements.  you don't need no stinkin' Gigue :-).    I haven't played serious Bach in a really long time (not tellin' how long!).  I have the Henze out on the stand occasionally.   


      Actually this next season is focused on music by women composers (Assad and Amelkina-Vera chosen so far), and music inspired by nature and birds (for a big Mass Audubon society concert next year).  new commission coming in that vein.  


      So Bach and Benji Britten will have to wait.  :-)    

    • Dave McLellan You're right and I might try to figure out a mini-version of the suite I'm comfortable with. Enjoy getting ready for the next season. I especially like the nature and birds theme. It's funny you say that since in the current Tonebase challenge, I'm working on the music of Costa Rica and I just found a piece by Jose Mora-Jimenez which is a suite called "4 Totems" describing a night in the life of a colony of bats of all things. It won't be ready for this challenge for sure but it's a good long-term project for me. Love the exposure to new music and people on this platform. 

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    • tiogutao
    • tiogutao
    • 1 mth ago
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    Chaconne Bach

  • 1. Agustin Barrios Mangore

    i) Julia Florida 

    ii) Prelude in C minor

    iii) La Catedral 

    2. Franciso Tarrega

    I) Capricho Arabe

    ii) Lagrima

    iii) Study in E minor

    iv) Prelude No.5

    3. Heitor Villas Lobos

    I) Prelude No.1

    ii) Etude No.1

    4. Un dia de Novembre and study No.6 by Leo Brouwer

    5. Study in B minor by Sor

    6. Elegie by Kasper Mertz

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    • Brian
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    • Brian_Bowman
    • 1 mth ago
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    Learning jazz drumming and bass clarinet 😀

    Seriously, as far as classical guitar goes:

    BWV 1006

    Castles of Spain (various)

    Villa-Lobos (various but especially several of the Eudes and the Brazilian suite).



    Other composers will no doubt arise as I continue to develop on classical guitar.  

    I'm retired and can put several hours a day into practice but also study Jazz Guitar seriously so everything develops at a slower pace then it could if I were only singularly focused.

  • The complete works for solo guitar by Abel Carlevaro. I am over half way through with the next up, Carlevaro's Milonga Suite. 

    • Dale Needles You've definitely got a good start Dale. Keep them coming. 

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  • This is what I am actually working:

    - Pujol's Etude no. 1

    - Fernando Sor - Opus 60 no.9

    - Giuliani -120 Right hand studies

    My bucket list for 2024:

    - Brouwer's Estudio Sencillos no. 1

    - Gulli Bjornsson - Landscape II

    - Fernando Sor - Opus 60 no. 4

    - Fernando Sor - Opus 60 no.8

    With the followings 2 Tonebase courses:

    - Introduction Rest stroke and free stroke - Edouardo Inestal

    - Basic Arpeggio concepts - Edouardo Inestal


    With 6 monts to go; I think I can get through the list for the end of the year. 😅

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    • Jack Stewart
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    • Jack_Stewart
    • 1 mth ago
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    Most of my bucket list is trying to reclaim and, then, maintain pieces I have already learned

    these include:

    Chopin Mazurkas (3, I think,) Waltz op. 69.2. and Raindrop Prelude op.28.15

    Bach - a lot - BWV 996, 1009, 1000 Fugue and others

    Rameau Suite in 'a' minor (1706)

    Various 20th C works - Sauguet, Brouwer, Bogdanovic

    Things I want (wish) to do:

    composing, sight reading, continue to pursue new music

    That's nor asking too much, is it?

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