Is this just a "me problem"? I am going to think out loud...

Let me start by saying that I do not have any legit musical training with any instrument. I can hum pretty good and I can sing in the shower like nobody's business, I can also whistle both ways { inhaling and exhaling }, but every time I attempt to reproduce the music inside of my head with a musical instrument it sounds nothing like It does in my head.

I got the rhythm down and I know this because I can tap it with my fingers on a table or on any surface hollow enough to give back some sound, I can hum it, and I can whistle it, but when I try to play it on a musical instrument it sounds terrible.

I have been bouncing from one YouTube video to the next for over a year ever since this desire to play music with an instrument other than my own body got to me. These youtubers are so talented they make everything they demonstrate seem so easy  and simple they make me feel like I have no business even trying because I am unable to play like they do or at all for that matter.

Two days ago I traded my Casio 88 keys keyboard for an acoustic classical guitar.

I remember when I bought that piano like it was yesterday, I went online and I ordered these stickers with the notes so I could mark each key, and I got me an app to play back MIDI files so I could see the sheet of music displayed and that way learn. I lost interest within the first two weeks and the piano sat in a corner gathering dust and not been played for the following year.

I do not want the same thing to happen to this guitar because I really like the sound that comes out of it when I am just scratching the cords with my right hand. I got me a tuner too so I learned how to tune my instrument (progress!). I feel like the guitar is a more personal instrument (I do not know if that makes sense). You are literally hugging the instrument to your body and it almost becomes an extension of your own body.


I like it.

For somebody that has never been successful at producing a good sound with any musical instrument I know a lot of the theory. 

Just because I have all the ingredients to make a meal it does not mean it will taste good once I am done cooking it. This is the best way I can describe how I feel about music right now.


Is this just a me problem? 


For anybody reading this that can understand how I feel and have answers for me...

Would you help me?

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  • I am not an expert and I still consider myself a beginner.

    I have been playing acoustic guitar for  3.5 years and started my Classical journey 6 month ago.

    I was a bit like you before I started playing guitar. I found overtime that all the skills you have (humming, tapping ... ) will be very helpful in your journey.

    I simply suggest using the level system of Tonebase. Starting level one with the course ''Reading music on the guitar - Mircea Gogoncea'' is very helpful; then go through the course "Begining guitar course : Part 1 - Daniel Arakal'' which provide essentials foundation of playing guitar courses. After that, you can start working on pieces suggested for your level.

    The info on the level system is on the site and in a section of the forum.


    When ready, participate in some community challenges. People are very supportive whatever level you are. They provide great help and advice.  

    Good luck in your journey... This is just the beginning

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    Perhaps all you need is to find that one piece of music that you have to play. I had never been motivated to learn the classical guitar until one day I saw someone played a Final Fantasy soundtrack on youtube and then I determined to learn it properly to work towards that piece.

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