What's your favorite Villa-Lobos Prelude?

Hello, dear tonebase community members!


With Villa-Lobos winning by a landslide in my previous poll, where I asked you about your favorite set of etudes, beating out composers like Sor and Brouwer, I thought it's time to dive a little deeper into your preferences about some of his other works!

What is your favorite Villa-Lobos Prelude?



You can find tonebase lessons on each one of the preludes by clicking the poll options above. In the case of Prelude No. 5, the link will take you to a livestream by Emmanuel Sowicz!


Here are links to these preludes as taught by some of our most inspiring tonebase instructors!

Check out:

  1. Eliot Fisk's lesson on Prelude No. 1
  2. Denis Azabagic's lesson on Prelude No. 2
  3. Isaac Bustos' lesson on Prelude No. 3
  4. Celil Rafik Kaya's lesson on Prelude No. 4
  5. Emmanuel Sowicz's livestream on Prelude No. 5.

Bonus question:

What's your theory about what happened to his lost sixth prelude?

Possible answers: real theories or fictional fun time!


I'll go first, with some fictional fun time:


Villa-Lobos is quoted as having said that Prelude No. 6 was the most beautiful of the cycle. Perhaps when he sent this to Segovia, it was intercepted by a time traveler who was trying to prevent a future in which nobody ever listened to another piece of music, becoming mesmerized with the inspiring melody of this heavenly work.

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  • Since the preludes were dedicated to his wife, he reserved number six, the most beautiful one, as gift only for her and not the world.

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  • I must listen to them all again. I learned the prelude No.5 from Emmanuel´s lesson. I´m really pleased with the result. I can play it in time now I must work in the dynamics, but lots of fun to play :) Perhaps will try learning another one next year! 

  • Looks like I'm late for the poll... they are all great, but the one I prefer is #2.

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    • Blaise Laflamme You would pick the hardest one! The arpeggios in the B section always scare me away, but they have almost a heavy metal feel with those parallel fifths moving up and down.

    • Eric Phillips haha... well... the middle section is just mind blowing, for someone like me who played heavy metal music in his teenage years 😂... and the A section is so beautiful.

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    • Blaise Laflamme I cannot deny that. Like you, I once played metal, but the early stuff (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, some Ozzy).

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    • Eric Phillips Oh wow, I was just a bit after. I've mostly played early 80 metal music like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, ... Power chords glory!

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    • Blaise Laflamme You young kids and your speed metal! I always wondered why they would call themselves Anthrax? Maybe some band today could call themselves Covid!

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    • Eric Phillips haha! I'm sure there's already one or that won't be long until we have something related 😄

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