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Does high tension string make it harder to play than normal tension string especially with barre chord?

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  • Hi Pan ! Interesting question, I plan to invite some specialist from a string manufacturer for a livestream to talk about that topic!  

    Personally, I thing that Slurs, especially pull offs tend to be a little but harder, but I prefer how those strings react quicker in general. What I can tell is that tremolo gets a little harder using the Knobloch Active Hard Tension, their hard tension is ... well ... harder than what I've been used to using Savarez or D'Addario!

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  • Thanks for your reply and your interest plan in the future. I'm now using Savarez Alliance HT string about 3 months and will compare with normal tension string to get my self an experience of difference between them. Further more, I would like to know that barre chord on low fret has more or less tension than high fret?

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      Pan Generally speaking, a string which is fixed on both ends (the neck and the nut) will have more tension closer to its attachment points! This is way the ponticello sound is so metallic, you can see it visually on the string that there is less vibration in the middle for the string (which are the base frequencies) and more frequency where you plucked (the overtones). But there comes more into play:

      When you play a barre chord in the first string, your wrist is in a more exposed and rotated position an generally further away from your body as your elbow is extended. Once you move further up the fretboard, your wrist gets into a more natural position and more towards your boday, which is an additional factor why barre chords on the higher frets are easier! 

      One thing that is a little bit counter-beneficial to that is the action of your strings, it's drastically lower on the first frets which helps to make a barre chord!  

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  • Many thanks.

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