Week 2: "Progress in Practice"


  1. Dive Into the Practice Plans: Start by exploring our new Practice Plans feature. Use the self-evaluation quiz to identify areas of potential growth.

  2. Screenshot Your Plan: Capture a screenshot of your chosen Practice Plan. This will be your commitment snapshot—a before picture of the journey you're about to embark on.

  3. Share a piece you are currently working on: Alongside your screenshot, let us know how you implement the newly discovered exercises in your practice. Share a piece of your choice that you’re currently working on!

  4. Update your Practice Plan: If you have completed the recommended videos in your Practice Plan, retake the quiz to update your recommendations!

  5. Share Your Journey: Post your video in our community forum under the "Practice Plans Challenge" thread. Include a brief write-up about your experience learning the piece – what challenges you faced, how you overcame them, and what this piece means to you.


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    • Barney
    • Barney
    • 3 mths ago
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    Based on the "Tonebase level" quiz, it appears I fall somewhere between level 10 and 11.  Since I like to challenge myself with more difficult pieces to improve my technique as I learn the music I love most,  I just selected Capriccio Diabolico by Mario Castelnuvo-Tedesco.  I've enjoyed listening to this piece over the years played by Andres Segovia.  Today I watched Artyom Dervoed's lesson and now intend to break down the piece into sections and work on fingerings. Not sure if I  can handle this one, but will give it a try.

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    • Jack Stewart
    • Retired
    • Jack_Stewart
    • 3 mths ago
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    I am a bit slow to respond to this challenge.

    Based on my Quiz responses I am at level 8. I am also taking part in Peter Graneis' TWI on Cross String trills. I will be focussing on the cross string trills and will also work on Artyom Devoed's LH stretching and Vladimir Gorbach's Scales.

    I will continue my work on BWV 1009 Prelude, which I presented in the previous challenge.  I will also begin to work on BWV 996 Bourree, both of which are pieces listed in Level 8. The Bourree is part of the BWV 996 e minor suite which is my major project for the year. My initial focus is focussing on a controlled damping of the bass notes and will then try to introduce trills based on my progress in the TWI.

    I am including my initial daily exercise plan.

    I hope to present an initial video of the first section of the Bourree soon.

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