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Hello tonebuddies! 🎶

Excitement is in the air as we bring forward a unique community challenge that strikes a chord with many classical guitar enthusiasts – The "Unfinished Business" Challenge! We've all been there: a beautiful piece of music that you began learning with enthusiasm, but for some reason, it was left incomplete. Now is the time to dust off those sheets and breathe new life into those musical gems! 🎸


  • Challenge start: Official Kick-Off on July 5th!
  • Challenge days: July 5th - August 4th
  • Watch Party of selected submissions: August 4th, 11am PST

🌟 The Challenge: 🌟

We invite you to revisit a composition that you've started but never finished. Perhaps it was a complex piece that seemed too intimidating, or maybe life just got in the way. No matter the reason, this is your opportunity to complete the unfinished symphony. Rediscover those abandoned compositions and share your journey to completing them with your unique talent and fresh enthusiasm.

📹 How to participate: 📹

Record a video of yourself performing the unfinished composition. Take your audience on your musical journey by sharing the story behind why you initially chose this piece and why it remained unfinished. Upload your video to your preferred platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Share the link to your video in the comments section below.

Bonus Points: Share a link to your favorite recording of the composition you're revisiting!

🤝 Interact and engage: 🤝

Embrace this chance to engage with your fellow tonebuddies! Offer your support by leaving comments, constructive feedback, and appreciation for their performances. Let's motivate each other to finish what we started and explore the captivating narratives of these previously abandoned pieces.

🏆 Reward: 🏆

While there isn't a physical prize, the reward is the sense of accomplishment from completing your "unfinished business." You'll gain invaluable feedback, showcase your perseverance, and form connections with other guitar enthusiasts who've walked the same path.

💡 Need inspiration? 💡

If you're struggling to tackle the challenges that caused you to leave the piece unfinished, don't fret! You can find plenty of resources and tutorials on tonebase to help guide you to completion.

Find more tutorials here, for example our latest release with Joaquin Clerch's insights to Bach's Ciaconna:

🎶 Ready, set, practice! 🎶

We're eager to hear your unique renditions and stories of rediscovered compositions. Let's join hands and dive back into the pieces we once left behind, completing our unfinished business together.

Happy practicing, tonebuddies! 🎉

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  • martin Very nice topic for this challenge... but I have so many!! 😂😭

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  • martin

    Nice topic Martin. I would probably have one piece that could be used for this challenge but I still feel my technical skills are not yet good enough for going back to it.

    I will be pleased to follow the work of the other Tonebuddies 😉

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