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Video of the TWI Check-In with Borbála!


Have you noticed that most of the time we talk about technique or musical expression separately? We practice technical elements such as arpeggio, fast scales, left hand independence, tremolo, or even legato playing, etc. separately, but never together with the musical elements. Enjoy this two-week intensive to be able to play the basic musical ideas easily such as changes of dynamics and tempo, articulation, accentuation, as well as to improve your musical creativity.

  • Course Period: December 5th - 19th
  • Sign-Up: November 30th 
  • Zoom Check-In: Dec 11th, 9am PT

ASSIGNMENT FOR THE FIRST WEEK:Exercises_Expression (1) 

Please share a video of yourself playing the first three exercises and at least two variations of the fourth exercise.

1-3. Exercises:

  • Take a tempo in which you can play without unnecessary tension and make the musical expressions (accelerando, crescendo) gradually.

Exercice 1:

Exercice 2:

Exercise 3:


4. Exercise:

  • If it’s too difficult for you to learn to play in one week, you can perform only the upper voice.
  • Make attention, that fingering should be different depends on the desired musical character.
  • Try to show the musical elements exaggeratedly, even if it seems to be too much.
  • Try to imagine the character before you play the exercise.

Exercise 4:



Please choose a short section (at least a phrase) of your current repertoire or one of the following

  • Fernando Sor: Six Divertissements Op. 2. No. 1.
  • Matteo Carcassi: 25 Etudes Op. 60. No. 9.
  • Leo Brouwer: Estudios Sencillos No. 5.

and demonstrate it at least in two different variations of musical ideas, musical characters.
You can/should change the fingerings depends on your imagined musical character.
You can use the Cheat Sheet of Observation of musical ideas to control your way of playing.

Cheat_sheet_Observation_of_musical_expression (1) Sor_Six_divertissements_Op_2 Brouwer_Estudios_sencillos_no_5 Carcassi_25_Etudes_Op_60 

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  • I send these knowing they are not my best.

    • peter hancock Hi Peter, thanks for the videos.
      I find your acceleand/ritartando nice gradually, so well done!

    • Borbala Seres Thank you so  much for your  insight and suggestions they are very welcome and instructional. I have a hard time playing in front of the camera. I get so nervous sometimes I will play the same thing dozens of times before I it get half o.k.  That's one of the reasons I like theses' TWI session cause I get practice playing in front of the camera.  Thanks again.

  • I need more time to polish all up.

    • peter hancock 
      Exc. 1a.: The quality of this video was audible not clear because of some reason, so it's difficult to say anyting. Try to make a new one.

      Exc. 3a+thumb: LH staccato is fine, the noises are because you are not at the fret all the time. Try to put your fingertip the closest to the fret. Thumb muting is not clear visible, whether you do it or not, but for this one left hand should play legato. Try to work on it a bit more.

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    • peter hancock You accentuated the different voices really very nice. Maybe the thumb for the I,M,A accentuation could be a bit more piano.

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    • peter hancock At piano part try to play all the basses with same piano volume. Sometimes your thumb accidentally pluck too loud.

  • Ex 4 I will do today. I can play them but need a lot of work. May only have time to do one.

    • peter hancock RH staccato was good, just try to focus not to tense your finger while putting back them to the string.

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    • peter hancock You are right, this piece is a bit difficult for you now, I reccomend you to try to play just the upper voice (melody) and work on the musical tools. Anyway the second week assignment is to work with your current piece, so maybe you could start to work first on that.

  • I hope the audio is better. I am still working on  Exercise 4. I just need more time. On week two I am sure there is not enough time for me to complete those pieces. I noticed you said I could use another piece I know tom incorporate the expression tools.  If so I would do better because I already know the piece. It might sound strange but the "tools" would be used.

    • peter hancock thanks! 

      Yes, the quality was really better. I would say it was nice, you could manage it better this time, and the first decresc + cresc was perfect!


      Yes, as I said, take a short part, phrase of your own piece and work on that! That is a better idea! In the assignment the list of those pieces were anyway only suggestions! You really don't have to play them! 😊

      Work on a piece, which you already have in your hands! Ok? 

      Keep going! Good job! 

    • Borbala Seres Thanks. I will pick something I know well. The changes in expression will probably change then whole piece. Well we will see again Thanks.

      I did give those choices a quick read. But they would take me some time to do well.

    • martinTeam
    • LIVE
    • martin.3
    • 1 yr ago
    • Reported - view

    Hello friends and participants of this fantastic TWI with Borbála! She asked me to remind you that for exercise 4, you can also choose your repertoire! No need to learn the three pieces she proposed! 🔥

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    • peter hancock 

      Thanks for the videos!
      I liked your slow and fast idea! They can be a good basic idea for this sicilienne. I would suggest, try to experiment in these two tempos also with the mixing of the different musical tools, like dynamics, tone colors, timing etc. The changing of these elements could give your performance more life and feelings. Instead of use of different tempos you can imagine characters/moods like “happy”, “dancy”, pictures “Autumn landscape”, feelings “love”, “sadness”, these you could express with the change of more musical elements. Try to experiment also with them.

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  • Thanks so much for your time. I really found this TWI instructional. This is something I can apply to pieces.  I did have more planned. I am feverous  my feet are cold Covid has put my guitar on hold. I am quarantined for five days. Thanks for showing me how to pay different ways. Merry Christmas to all of you.

      • Nick
      • Nick.2
      • 1 yr ago
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      peter hancock sorry to hear that. I had covid last week. It was pretty bad for me. But I live with 2 seniors and they had no problem with it.

    • peter hancock 

      I would say the staccato is a good idea to get a different charcter for instance "dancy". Pay attention that your left hand fingers don't squeeze the neck too much, try to stay with your fingers right at the frets, and after lifting up your fingers to achieve the staccato, stay on the strings for a bit longer, that will help you, that the open strings don't start to sound after leaving the strings. You could work with different dynamics or to give accent on the first beat etc. Nice work, keep experimenting!


      P.s.: Sorry to hear you have Covid! Get well soon and take care! Thank you for sending me videos despite this!

    • Borbala Seres  Thanks for your review.  I will put your suggestion to good use. I really enjoyed your TWI. Stay well. 


    • peter hancock Thanks for your active participation and get better soon!


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