Estudio 2 Giuliani de 23 estudios escogidos

Ok, this is my latest try for this study. I am thinking to pass to the next study, but before I would like to hear your comments and suggestions that I will appreciate a lot. 

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  • Really good, Jesus! Your hands look very stable and secure. Occasionally, a few notes seem to be cut a bit short (like when the melodic line is on one string). That's pretty normal, though, and it still sounds very good.

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    • Eric Phillips OK! Thank you so much for your comments.  I will focus on the melodic line, then I will try one more time. 

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      • David Krupka
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      Jesús Rogelio Pérez Buendía Something you might try to do in addressing this issue is to practice the melody on its own. (Much as a pianist might practice the right hand alone.) I don't know if other guitarists do the same, but I find this a very useful technique, because it forces me to think clearly about the melodic line, which is generally the most important feature of a piece. My aim in doing this is musical rather than technical, but the two go together, and I find a greater understanding of what is happening in a piece, musically speaking, leads to a better understanding of the underlying technical problems. Maybe practice of this kind is not for everyone, but it works for me.

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