Brouwer on Brouwer: Un Día de Noviembre - Commentary by Mircea Gogoncea

In this livestream, we take a look at maestro Leo Brouwer's exclusive video discussing his own masterpiece, Un Dia de Noviembre. This live event will also serve as a chance for you to ask your own questions about the piece. Join tonebase Head of Guitar Mircea Gogoncea for this deep dive into the piece itself and into Leo Brouwer's own commentary about his music.

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  • Would LOVE to be there but I have a work commitment. Sorry, Team.

  • I am in!

    Thank you. 

  • What edition are we using?  I have the “Chester” score and in mm 46, the high voice alternates between a, and b; not a, and g. Thoughts?

  • On Brouwer's Tonebase lesson on Un Día de Noviembre, Brouwer mentioned that  "When writing for film, Brouwer strives to avoid what he refers to
    as "banalities." Essentially, when some musical aspect is
    recognized as nice (such as Major or Minor 7th chords), it can
    often become abused and repeated over and over by film
    composers. The use of banalities is something that Brouwer
    always tries to avoid", However, there are a few major 7th chords in this piece, namely, bar 16 F Major 7, (from Brouwer's own recording the base notes F, C, A with melody note A), bar 46 another F Major 7 chord (F, A, C, E). Any insights?

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