DAILY UPDATES (Week Two, Main Thread) - Submissions, Questions & Discussion

Welcome, everybody, to the Main Thread for Week 2 - the final week of this challenge!

This is where the magic happens - the thread where we'll be posting our daily updates for the first week.




Every day between February 5th (Week 2 stream) and February 12th (watch party), we are hoping to read your daily updates in this very thread right here!

Please use the following format when commenting (feel free to copy & paste!):

  • Exercises you worked on:
  • One thing you found easy:
  • One thing you found difficult:
  • (Optional): a video of you performing it!
  • (Optional:) questions, metronome range

Sample daily update:

  • Exercises you worked on: 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a
  • One thing you found easy: I started practicing these very slowly and had a pretty easy time making all the notes sound even!
  • One thing you found difficult: I keep forgetting which finger I last played with and ended up repeating fingers sometimes.

Feel free to make these updates as short or long as you wish!

↓ Let's do this! Post your daily updates below ↓

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  • I went through all exercises this time, working up to 120 bpm, which was fun!  Seems to be getting easier.  Still having a bit of trouble getting one smooth sound when trying to play all four notes at once though.

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  • Practicing all of the exercises but focusing on 5a & b. I have slowed the bpm down to focus on sound quality and added a few chords for a little fun :) 

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      • MirceaTeam
      • Head of Guitar
      • Mircea
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Maureen nice!!! Feel free to send in a recording of your favorite chord progressions to practice with this, if you feel like it 😀

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  • A short run through 4a - c then worked on 5a and b using thirds in the key of E.


    The nail on my i finger is getting back in play, shortened my m nail so it's easier to get an even tone. My tone has definitely improved though.


    Still getting muddled occasionally with 5b. Frustrating.


    I also tried "walking" my fingers from 6th string to first and back using rest strokes. Going from high E to low E was quite challenging as I wanted to "sweep" up.

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      • MirceaTeam
      • Head of Guitar
      • Mircea
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Mehmet great job! Yes, going through all strings is especially tough since there is no place to "rest stroke into", as you get to the lowest strings. I found it quite tricky in the beginning, when I first started practicing that, to maintain a good hand and wrist position throughout - but once I got that, it became quite natural! 😁 hope the same will happen soon!

  • I tried something slightly different - I worked on 4a and b focusing on TRYING to emphasise different notes - make different notes the "melody" (make i louder than m and a, m louder then a louder et cetera) 40 BPM.  

    To finish off I did 5a at increasing tempo and 5b at increasing tempo but alternating one bar 5b, one bar rest.


    Making the high note stand out was definitely easier.


    With the i and (especially) m I had to resort to playing the note on it's own first before playing the chord with it highlighted. Very challenging for my limited skills.

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  • Continuing to work on most of the exercises. I am enjoying adding chords. It is nice to get the right hand pattern down. Mircea  the encouragement you offered helped, thank you!

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    • Ashleynull
    • Ashley_ahaava
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I practiced all the exercises for Week 1 & 2. I feel more comfortable with my preparations!! My I fingernail had to be cut so it was difficult to get used to that. Much more convenient to have my nails. 

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  • Second session today. Worked on 5a and 5b trying to improve tone. 

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