What's your favorite / least favorite thing to teach?

Come on, we all have one! Use this thread to spill your secrets 😉

I'll go first (since, you know... you should always beware of someone who advises you to do something, but doesn't do it him/herself!)

  • Least favorite: interval names; my math-loving brain DIES inside when I have to clarify that the distance between an note and itself is 1 (prime) rather than 0. I despise the fact that octaves correspond to a distance of seven scale degrees!
  • Favorite: arpeggio pattern exercises! Every time I teach a few of them and tell students to apply them to chords of their own choosing, their faces light up! And next time, they almost always come to class so happy and inspired!

It's just such a cool moment, feels like a big pay-off after a lot of work.

What are yours?

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  • My favorite things to teach are usually the areas I am currently deeping for myself.  If I have an epiphany about left hand relaxation, for instance, I am quite motivated to help with similar situations with my students.  I realize that on some level this is a bit selfish, but it also really helps engage my students, as, if I am fired up about some topic/exercise, etc... then that enthusiasm is usually contagious and there is an element of co-discovery that occurs with my students. 

    Also, I love teaching theory so students can use the music they learn as tools for composition and improvisation.   


    Last favorite... music that I dislike.

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