'What Makes Bach - BACH?' (feat. Evan Shinners founder of WTF Bach Podcast)

What makes Bach’s music more influential than say, Handel’s, or Vivaldi’s? Why does Bach’s name stand above all others as the most important composer in musical history? Tonebase artist, Evan Shinners, examines several aspects of Bach’s art that laid the foundation for him to become the most prominent figure in western music: from his solutions to the tuning problems European music faced in the early 18th century, to the technical mastery which defined the techniques of string, keyboard, wind instruments, -even vocal music- to this day. Understanding how Bach himself thought of sharing his own collections of music with the world, the audience will come away with new ideas about their own musical trajectories, with renewed appreciation for Bach's music.


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About Evan Shinners:

Host of ‘The WTF Bach Podcast,’ Evan Shinners attended The Juilliard School where he studied with Jerome Lowenthal. A devotee to the music of J.S. Bach, Evan is also a clavichordist and studied harpsichord with Béatrice Martin. Winner of MAW’s first Alumni Enterprise Award, he is the founder of The Bach Store: temporary concert venues where Evan performs the complete keyboard works of Bach, for free, daily, in unused real estate spaces around the world.


Bach Stores were/are in: Manhattan in 2018 and 2019, The Thüringer Bachwochen in Germany in 2022, The Bach Festival of Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 2024, Brighton, UK, 2024.


His ambitious podcast dissects daunting subjects such as the structure of The Art of Fugue to an audience of non-professionals. Guests interviewed are among the most influential in current Bach thought: Brad Mehldau, Robert Hill, Chris Thile, Christoph Wolff and others.


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