David’s practice diary BWV996 and Cielo Abierto

Hello! For the past several months I was completely addicted to practicing Cielo Abierto and for the past several weeks I’ve been absorbed by BWV996. 

Lute Suite: I absolutely adore this work and I realize that certain movements like Bourree are a bit overplayed by guitarist so for years I’ve forgotten it other than teaching. The most difficult for me is getting the tempo up to speed in the last movement gigue. I’m using the Jerry Willard transcription and I really love his fingering suggestions which I’ve stayed pretty faithful to but I’ve changed a few of them for personal preference. Of course the opening fugue is also quite challenging and fun to practice. I don’t have the fugue memorized yet (I did many years ago though) and I also love the smaller movements saraband, allemande and courante. I will post some video clips asap 

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  • Today I worked on the gigue from bwv 996 and cielo abierto. The gigue is coming along nicely but there are a few parts particularly in the B section that I’m having trouble keeping up tempo and maintaining clarity. It’s very important to me to clearly articulate the imitative counterpoint as that is the main focus of this movement. 

    same issues with cielo. I have it memorized but there are a few technical sections that are still tough to maintain tempo with clarity 

  • This looks like it's going to be good David. I've got an arrangement by Julian Bream but apart from the Bournemouth and the allemende I think it's a bit beyond me

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    • Derek Bouree!!!!!!!! I'm turning the damn spellchecker off!!!!! 

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    • Derek ha! Yes it’s a difficult work but I’ve been slowly plugging away at it. I can play it very slowly but the challenge is getting the tempo up

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    Hi David! Happy to report that we'll have Stephanie Jones coming in December for a Livestream about "Extended Percussion Techniques on the Guitar" (or something like that) and we'll look at Cielo Abierto as a case study!

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  • I would love to hear it when you have it ready. I really like BWV996 also. I used to play the suite thru the Bourree years ago. It takes ornamentation very well. It is on my revival list though I don't know when.

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