Live Session or a Lesson on a Daily Guitar Technique Regimen like Hanon for Piano.

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Yesterday I watched a ToneBase Piano workshop on Hanon's exercises as a "complete" one-stop technique regimen resource for pianists at intro to advanced level. I have many technique books and know there are Level 1 and 2 intro to Guitar workbooks on ToneBase Guitar. For someone already well-versed in how to read music (at the level of being able to play piano, violin, etc.),  what on ToneBase would you recommend for a similar one-book/one-workshop  for RH and LH technique? I own Pumping Nylon, The Path to Virtuosity, Berg's Mastering Guitar Technique, The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by Käpple, Yates's Classical Guitar Technique from Foundation to Virtuosity, and the classics by Sor, Guiliani, Carcassi, among other materials. It is all a bit bewildering, and many of the "intro to guitar" book mix technique with learning how to read music. I just want help from ToneBase on how to navigate technical books/materials on ToneBase to eliminate the basic musicianship from actually learning the specifics of Guitar Playing. Any guide for the musically literate, but newer to Guitar in terms of a simple daily guide to progressing through technique on the RH and LH will be very helpful.

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