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Improve your Arpeggios in Two Weeks with Evan Taucher!

Arpeggios are a fundamental part of guitar technique, but are you practicing them in a way where you will improve over time? Oftentimes we find ourselves stuck in the same routine with old habits that leave our arpeggios sounding imprecise and strained. Join this intensive to break out of the box and work on our arpeggios in a precise way that will challenge your mind, and then your fingers.

  • Course Period: October 17th - 28th
  • Optional check-In via Zoom: October 24th, 10 am PST

Assignment Video for Week 1

Please follow along and share a video of yourself with the exercises Evan is presenting in his video! Scores of Villa-Lobos Prelude no.4 and Giuliani op.48 no.5 attached!


Week 1 video submissions should include one or more of the following:

  • preparation exercise with metronome on, playing one note per click
  • accent exercise with metronome, cycling through accenting different fingers


IMSLP273551-PMLP444038-HVL-Preludes-Eschig Kopie


IMSLP273547-PMLP224198-HVL-Estudos-Eschig1953 (1)

The assignment  Video for Week 2 will be shared after the Zoom Session on October 24th!

Assignment Video for Week 2

Week 2 submissions should include one or more of the following:

  • pluck and relax exercise
  • pimiaimi arpeggio
  • pmimamim arpeggio 
  • pamamaia arpeggio
  • a repertoire example (Giuliani Etude 5 op.48 or Prelude 4 arpeggios by Villa Lobos)
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      • Evan Taucher
      • Classical Guitarist and Educator
      • Evan
      • 1 yr ago
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      peter hancock Peter, thanks for the video as well as the kind words!! I'm glad you found this intensive useful.

      In this video - at the risk of sounding nit-picky, I want to remind you to stick right with the metronome and slow it down a bit. You're not quite locking in with it. I'd also recommend taking some space between the iterations of these patterns to make sure you're starting out with the click and locking in. I have a feeling all the issues will be ironed out when you slow down the metronome. 

      Also, watch out - your hand often time move when you are preparing to pluck your p finger (thumb). You want to find a hand position where no matter what finger plays, you don't have to move your right hand. That may take a bit of adjustment.


      It's been great working with you, and thanks again for the kind words and the improvements. Bravo!



    • martinTeam
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    • martin.3
    • 1 yr ago
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    Thanks to everybody for your active participation! I happily forward a message from Evan to all of you!

    Hi all,

    It was incredible to work with each of you the past few weeks. Your progress, determination, and inquisitiveness inspired me! 

    Thanks for all of your efforts, and it’s been great getting to know you. Please keep in touch if there’s anything you need -

    Best wishes, and I hope to see you soon!


    Best wishes and get ready for our next TWI with TY!

    arpeggio 4

  • Thanks again for all your inspiration and guidance 

    P. Hancock

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