Unlocking Your Arpeggio Mastery

Building right hand finger independence is indispensable for taking your arpeggios to the next level. Get ready to improve your sound, agility, accuracy, and speed with specific exercises designed especially with your right hand in mind.

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  • Ashley (Ash) Lucero Hi, just watched the recorded lesson. What is the purpose of the exaggerated motion of the fingers moving towards the palm? Is it to make us habituated to playing with the knuckle joint and make us aware we're doing that. Usually when I try to play at tempo, I can't pull up the fingers that high. Also, I'm guessing finger fatigue and lack of stamina are results of not playing from the knuckle joint.

    • Nijwm Bwiswmuthiary thanks for asking! yes, the exaggeration of movement is to help build that into your playing as a habit, but once you start playing at tempo it will be shallower but remain correct in the movement from the knuckle joint. one of the reasons guitarists struggle with this is because the incorrect. otio. that playing the strings requires pulling the fingers directly out from under the strings away from the guitar. also these guitarists haven't been taught about tone or articulation and so their joint movement hasn't been corrected. hope this helps!! :) 

    • Ashley (Ash) Lucero Thanks for the reply🙂 One of my issues with arpeggios is that I can't keep the stamina or rhythm while trying to play fast arpeggios like etude no.1 by villas lobos. I can do it somewhat evenly at around 90-100 bpm, but then, if I increase the tempo to 120, my hands start to tense up and wants to jump out of the soundhole. I think the tempo is too fast for my current abilities, but I want to understand the underlying cause, which I think would be addressed by being conscious of using the knuckles and hand muscles more effectively. Any thought?

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    Hi Ashley.  Just watched the session and wanted to thank you for the valuable exercises.  Have a good week!

    • Tony Gunia That's great to hear! Thanks for watching 😁

  • Excellent course. Thank you, Ashley!

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