2022-03-13 Recuerdos de la Alhambra

I'm still practicing Recuerdos. I managed to reach around 120 BPM for each thumb note. My goal would be 130/135 BMP, not more.


At that point I could focus on overall musicality and tone, to play nicely. Cause I still miss some notes and the tone is not always super good.


Any feedback is welcome!

PS: sorry for the bad video/audio quality, it is on my smartphone. 
I have now bought better mics and along with a webcam I'll try to make better recordings at my laptop.

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    • martinTeam
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    • martin.3
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Welcome to our Tremolo-Squad! We should do a training camp together with Emma , Khiem Nguyen and Nora Torres-Nagel !

    As always, patience is the key, as soon as you feel your right hand tensing up, you take a break and go slower. In fact, I usually start EVERY tremolo practice with slow motion praction (that means: I play on single finger in tempo and then relax, then the next finger, then the next one).

      • Emmanull
      • Emma
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Martin yes please let’s do another play along practice camp! Now I am practicing my tremolo with the progression of chords that you showed to practice arpeggios. About 15 min a day trying (a bit unsuccessfully to change the order of finger ..) no arpeggio piece yet 

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    • Martin Hello!

      That sounds interesting. I always start slow too, but have never though of separating the fingers. Do you have a video showing this way of practicing tremolo like that?

      Regarding speed, I think it possible for me to reach roughly 130/135 BPM, I have managed it for a while, but indeed at that point it is difficult to stay relaxed and to have good tone quality and dynamics for long.

      For Recuerdos, I think it is very important to get crescendo/decrescendo effects and also accelerating and decelerating, I guess it is called "rubato". Without getting those two aspects right, it is very difficult to make it musical. So that's another thing I'm keeping in mind when practicing this.

      I think some people also try variations of tone by alternating moving their right hand closer to the ponticello and closer to the fretboard. I still have to explore this.

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