Who's your favorite Italian composer?

Hey everyone! I was really happy to see so many of you taking part in last week's poll about your favorite etude. Thanks for your votes! 😁

Here's a new question for you - I'm really curious to see what the results will be here.

Who's your favorite Italian composer? 

(Of those that are featured on tonebase)


Feel free to include those who have never written original works for the guitar, such as Scarlatti! And see below for some links to tonebase lessons on these composers.


If your favorite Italian composer isn't featured on tonebase yet, who is he or she? Put it in the replies below - I'd love to fulfill some more lesson requests!




Francesco da Milano:

Domenico Scarlatti:

Mauro Giuliani:

Matteo Carcassi:

(new video coming out on Friday, August 13!)

  • Tengyue Zhang teaches Etude Op. 60 No. 2

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco:

Carlo Domeniconi:

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  • I won't name a single individual, because, for me at least 'favourite' would have to be qualified. (Favourite to play? To listen to? To learn or practice?) I'll just point out that even restricting the selection to tonebase 'lessons', you have left Luigi Legnani off your list. I'll point out too that 17th century Italy produced some fantastic guitarists whose music is rarely heard today. I'm thinking in particular of Francesco Corbetta, Angelo Michele Bartolotti, Giovanni Batista Granata and the obscure Ferdinando Valdambrini. If you haven't heard it before, check out Pierre Pitzl's fantastic video-recording of the latter's 'Capona' on youtube:



  • Legnani is my favourite 

  • No mention of Ferdinando Carulli - would be great to have some lessons on Tonebase for his duets - especially the Opus 34 set

  • Angelo Gilardino

  • Angelo Gilardino is one of the greatest from any country.
    Maybe greatest guitar composer alive today.

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    • Gary I confess that I haven’t heard much by him, but I have loved the pieces I have heard. Does he have any music at the more intermediate level?

      • Gary
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      Eric Phillips Yes he has 20 easy studies. I think the maybe on Vimeo or Spotify.
      His other stuff is very difficult but I can play a few of them.

    • Gary I agree completely. 
      He has an amazing and very diverse output. Presto Music has a collection of his complete works.

      His collection of etudes alone are incredible and as challenging as anything in print. I have one volume and so far I only look at them and dream.

      • Gary
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      Jack Stewart yes Studi di virtuosità e di trascendenza  are so cool.
      He should be more famous.

  • Of course he was above all a great violinist, but Paganini did compose quite a bit of guitar music, including the fabulous Grand Sonata in A Major. I've always had a hard time finding a good edition of this piece. It would be great to see a Tonebase edition of this major work, as well as a lesson or two, and maybe even a livestream!

  • Carlo Domeniconi

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