Jimmy Muhlenbruch

Network Engineer, Guitar LOVER!!
Chesapeake, VA
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MANY years ago, I was a big fan of the major shows on PBS (I was a kid). Laura Webber, came on after my normal shows teaching folk guitar, and I wanted to play. My mother got a guitar for me at Christmas. Years went by and another musical phenomenon happened to me. MTV came on and I saw that I could make a living playing guitar. I played in various bands and studied classical guitar in college. I was able to attend master classes with David Tannenbaum, Ben Verdery, and Carlos Barbosa-Lima. As time passed, music changed and my style of music was no longer in vogue. I joined the US Army band, learned Jazz and continue to serve as a reservist musician. I had an epiphany, and told my wife I no longer wanted to play in bands. I've since sold some of my custom built electrics and purchased a Randy Angella concert classical and as of mid February of 2021, have come back to the classical guitar. I currently study with Dr. Todd Holcomb and have occasional master classes with Gohar Vardanyan.