READ and FAQ - Monsters of Nylon Challenge!

Greetings tonebuddies! 🎶

Prepare to conquer the musical titans as we unveil an electrifying community event that will resonate with every classical guitar aficionado – The "Monsters of Nylon" Challenge! We're diving deep into the demanding, intricate, and colossal masterpieces that many dared to approach but only a few mastered. This is your golden ticket to wrestle with these beasts and bring them to the spotlight! 🎸


  • Challenge Begins: The Epic Encounter begins on September 8th!
  • Challenge Span: September 8th - October 6th!
  • Grand Showcase of select renditions: October 6th, 11am PST

🌟 The Challenge: 🌟

Are you brave enough to tackle the monstrous compositions that have long been considered the Mount Everest of the guitar world? Whether it's a piece you've long admired from afar or one you've attempted but never fully conquered, now's the time to face the music. Share your trials, tribulations, and triumphs as you engage with these challenging compositions.

📹 How to participate: 📹

Document your face-off with these musical giants! Record a video of your performance, including snippets of your practice sessions, breakthrough moments, and final renditions. Upload your chronicle to your preferred platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and drop the link in the comments section below.

Bonus Points: Share a link to the professional recording of the piece that inspired you to take on the challenge!

🤝 Interact and engage: 🤝

The battle with the "Monsters of Nylon" is always better when fought together. Engage with fellow strumming warriors, provide support through comments, constructive feedback, and celebrate each other's victories against these musical behemoths.

🏆 Reward: 🏆

While the journey is its own reward, immersing yourself in the "Monsters of Nylon" will earn you respect, admiration, and potentially new comrades-in-arms from the classical guitar world.

💡 Need armor and weapons? 💡

Arm yourself with expert guidance and tutorials available on tonebase. For instance, delve deep into Marco Tamayo's newest masterclass on "El Colibri" or Desiderio's "Koyunbaba" Deep-Dive! Or surprise us with a titan you have been silently working on!

🎶 Unleash the Monster! 🎶

We await your bold endeavors and riveting accounts with these giants of the classical guitar world. Stand tall, be fearless, and let's make the "Monsters of Nylon" bow to our collective prowess.

Strike those strings with valor, nylon champions! 🎉

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  • martin I think you mean September 10th and not August 10th! 😎

      • martinTeam
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      • martin.3
      • 9 mths ago
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      Blaise Laflamme Yes! Just mentioned it in the live stream, come in!

  • martin Monsters of Nylon are El Colibri and Koyunbaba mainly for this challenge?

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      • martinTeam
      • LIVE
      • martin.3
      • 9 mths ago
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      Blaise Laflamme No, just examples for massive undertakings, feel free to tackle different titans and monsters in all shapes and sizes!

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    • martin ok, sounds good 💪

    • Blaise Laflamme I am thinking of Flight of the Bumblebee (blindfolded with both hands tied behind my back) or an arrangement of the Rite of Spring played only on the sixth string.

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    • Eric Phillips 😂... El Colibri already looks like a good challenge!! 😱

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    • Blaise Laflamme Oh yes, far beyond my ability, but I know you could play it.

    • Eric Phillips we both probably can play it up to some speed... but like master Tamayo... OMG! Could be interesting to learn it as an exercise but personally not for a concert piece.

    • Eric Phillips I'd pay real money to see either of those, lol

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