Practice Diary 2023 - Jim King

I am starting this practice diary so I may record videos of myself of various pieces that I am working on for others to view and comment.  I look forward to receiving your comments for my improvement.

By way of background, I first learned to play guitar in the summer of 1968 through a summer program offered by our local school board during for students going into grade 7 or 8.  That summer I decided to take up guitar.  The program provided group lessons provided over 20 days.  By the end I could play a few open chords.  I messed around with that on my own for a few years, never advancing beyond those open chords.  After that, life got in the way and I stopped playing.

Now, jump ahead to my retirement in 2020.  Decided that with retirement and the pandemic that I would pick up the guitar again.  I followed a subscription program over the internet and learned to play again.  In 2022, through the program I was using, I developed a liking for playing classical music.  So, in November 2022, I joined Tonebase.  Since then I have completed both of the beginner courses and some of the level 1 material.  I am also working on the level 2 material now.  Also, within the last month (July 2023) I have found Bradford Werner's site where he has a program for teaching classical guitar.  I am finding that his material is helping me with various techniques.

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    Here are my first videos that I have posted anywhere. 

    The first video is Sicilienne composed by Matteo Carcassi.  I learned this one a little while ago but have revived it since I finally had the nerve to post videos.

    The second video is Prelude in E Minor composed by Aaron Shearer.  I just learned this one and seemed to be able to pick it up quickly.

    The third video is Landslag I composed by Gulli Bjornsson.  I started working on this one a while ago but then put it away as I stopped making any progress.  I have started playing again recently and been seeing some improvement.

    All three of these pieces still need some work, but I thought I would share warts and all.

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