More theory lessons (comment specifics below!)

"More Steve Goss theory lessons, More Lucero score analysis". Suggested as part of the tonebase Guitar Survey.


(Which you should take by clicking here! It helps us know what to program for you.) 


↓ Feel free to suggest specific topics in the comments below ↓

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  • More Sérgio Assad songs lessons. Mathias Duplessy lessons as well.

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  • Hi, I´d like to see Roman numeral analysis and harmonic function in easy to advanced level on many of the pieces inside the tonebase pieces. Would be fantastic.

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    • Eric Thanks for the feedback! Can you name your top 3 tonebase pieces you'd like to see analyzed?

  • Really Tal Hurwitz is one of the best teachers. I suggest a lesson about "Scales and Tremolo" with him (Tal Hurwitz). 


    José Antonio Escobar is one of my favorite guitarrist, I would prefer listen him in Spanish with subtitles. He is an expert in Latin music, I prefer him teaching about Chilean music, Colombian music. His recordings are a legend. 

    In the last lesson "Natalia" his English was not with fluency. This wonderful master deserves teaching in Spanish. With Ali Arango, I understood everything with subtitles and it was one the best lesson of tonebase.


    Please!! I know José Antonio deserves more lessons but in Spanish!!! 

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